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All Is Well That Ends Well.

This topic has been suggested by gaelikaa for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where currently six of us write on the same topic every Friday.  I hope that you have enjoyed my contribution to that effort.  The five other … Continue reading

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Phyllis Diller Quotes.

My friend Saraswathy surprised me with these Phyllis Diller quotes which I think will amuse all my readers. Whatever  you may look like, marry  a man your own age.As your beauty fades, so  will his     eyesight. Housework  can’t kill you, … Continue reading

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Men Are From Mars Women From Venus.

My nephew in law Vivek has sent this to establish the veracity of the title of this blog post. Please click on the image to enlarge it to read it.  Thank you.

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My friend who is quite adept with Photoshop must have had some really free time from her usually busy schedule to have fantasised about me!  I am flattered and wish to share her fantasies so that you can understand the … Continue reading

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Mind Mapping.

The Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad, Alumni Association, Pune Chapter, held its Annual General Meeting yesterday.  Unlike the usual AGMs, this meeting also included a presentation by a fellow Alumnus Sirisha, a Leadership Coach, who introduced me and some other … Continue reading

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Review The Prince.

When I saw from the advertisements that there was a movie running with Bruce Willis and Jason Patrick, I called up my ever ready friend Ramesh to see if he would come with me for a morning show.  He was … Continue reading

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Silent Screams – A Book Review.

This is the first time ever that I bought and read a book of poems. I have always been a prose person reading both fiction and non-fiction and since the last few years more of the latter. I need to … Continue reading

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Are The Mystics Right, Is Time An Illusion?

Why only mystics? Even scientists now say that time is an illusion. Every “thing” ie what can be called Reality, including time can exist only if there is a perceiver. No two perceivers see the same “thing”. The smallest matter … Continue reading

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Murakami And Synchronicity.

Since about three months back I have been reading about Murakami at various forums and I had even been recommended one particular book by a friend – Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years Of Pilgrimage.  Since I have so much … Continue reading

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Mail To The Dead. II

When I posted my Mail To The Dead last year, I thought that the mailer will somehow get to see it and stop sending further mails as I had rung up their office and had requested them to stop sending … Continue reading

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