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Little Bits Of Happiness.

Tammy a regular visitor to my blog inevitably with some very  encouraging, amusing and /or incisive comments has this very nice post with the same title as this post.  I had commented there – “You inspire me to write a list … Continue reading

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Pakistan And The USA – Bud Abbott And Lou Costello.

Or better, these two! I am sure that all my readers know that POTUS Obama is the chief guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations on the 26th inst. This will be the first time ever that the POTUS will be … Continue reading

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Quality Not Quantity.

Kylie over at eclectica has this intetesting concept of having a theme word for the new year. The idea being that you create one word that will summarize your focus on the most important thing that you would like to … Continue reading

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The week just gone by has been one of a mixed experiences.  Some very memorable ones, some eminently forgettable ones and I would call it a normal ordinary week except for one factor. That one factor was my observation that … Continue reading

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Chai, Garam Chai.

This is Jugaad in the digital age.

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Travails Of City Life.

Drunk Driving Accidents. Terrorist Attacks. Overcrowded public transport. Parking Problems. Power Cuts. Slums. Traffic Jams. You Want More? Why do I live here then?  Like millions of others, these are considered to be minor irritations compared to the many benefits … Continue reading

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Taken 3.

I went to see this film because it had Liam Neeson in it. And I was not disappointed with his performance but came away with the feeling that he was wasted in a film in the action genre. His acting … Continue reading

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I could have told Iain Lee about this had he only asked me about it. This article in The Independent by him took me back to some two decades or so. What the reporter found was exactly what I found … Continue reading

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My post So Many Books generated quite a bit of traffic in the comments section and one aspect that got huge attention was “multitasking”, with Bikehikebabe saying that multitasking is a woman thing and men won’t be able to do … Continue reading

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Reaction And Response.

The following story is ascribed to Sundar Pichai, The Global Head for Google Chrome :- The cockroach theory for self development. At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of … Continue reading

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