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Skill Development.

Cheerful Monk has a rather intriguing blog post with the same title as this one and I urge my readers to read it in full. As she always does, CM asks this question at the end of the post. “Do … Continue reading

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I have understood the term to mean a break from one’s usual activities. Often people take sabbaticals to do something else other than what they normally do. If that is the definition keeping in mind which I have to write … Continue reading

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While it is still fresh in my mind I want to write about this film.  Unusually for us, we went to a late afternoon show which took us almost to dinner time and I am writing this just before I … Continue reading

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Secunderabad Railway Station.

Raman and Sudarsan,  family friends from my teenage days, now live in Secunderabad. They have recently been posting some old photographs from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad on Facebook and this is one such photograph taken in 1928.  The … Continue reading

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Call Me Mister.

It is bad enough that one has to listen to a lot of recorded music, and to add to that insult, a new phenomenon in telephoned customer support is the use of the first name of the customer by the … Continue reading

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Occasionally a film comes along that makes the viewer want to read the book.  This is one movie that does that to me.  So, despite my resolution not to buy any new books, I intend buying this book by Cheryl … Continue reading

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I Am Fallible!

The unthinkable happened.  Much to the astonishment of the POW and his consort, Mr. Perfect goofed up. I left home yesterday without my set of keys and on returning home would have been in a great deal of trouble had the POW … Continue reading

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I had written about this four years ago but this has again been brought to my notice by a dear friend Narasimha. When I was a wee lad, like along with other mischievous lads I used to get punished for … Continue reading

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Ranjan suddenly announced last night that instead of his usual Saturday night trysts, he was off to a different locale to attend a reunion with some colleagues from a company that no longer exists but where all of them worked … Continue reading

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Child Abuse.

This morning when I collected the newspapers at the door this headline screamed at me – Schoolgirl ‘gagged, raped’ on her way home. Almost on a daily basis we see news of some kind of child abuse all across our … Continue reading

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