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My Blog II.

Looney had this to say in his comments on my post “My Blog”. “After that technologically sounding post, I would hope you could follow up with a thorough statistical analysis of the traffic sources.” I will eventually get around to … Continue reading

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My Blog.

I had some problems with my blog recently and my readers have all conveyed the problems faced by them one way or the other to me either through comments or through email separately. I just wish to share what happened … Continue reading

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Both my son Ranjan and my daughter in law Manjiree go out for appointments and to work on a regular basis. I am then left at home to be the caretaker which duty includes attending to phone calls, receiving couriered … Continue reading

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The Great Indian Rope Trick.

My blog’s readers from overseas must be familiar with the phrase ‘The Great Indian Rope Trick’. Let me share one genuine show with them. Thank you Nandu.

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The Old Monk.

When a friend sent me this to suggest that I am now nearing monkhood myself, I could not but remember the Cheerful one.   Readers of this blog are familiar with Cheerful Monk. She is one of the earliest cheerleaders … Continue reading

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Least Favourite Vegetable.

Jim in his blog Personal Reflections suddenly went off course and blogged about the least favourite vegetables people come up with. For me as I am sure will be with most Indians, it was a no brainer. It is what … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day.

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What Is The Most Surprising Thing About You?

I could be facetious and say that it would the very thought that I could surprise anyone! Very few people have been surprised by my one hidden trait. My ability to be violent. When it comes to protecting mine or … Continue reading

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Self Portrait!

Over at “eclecticaā€¯ Kylie has written a list of “I am ……” statements. In the absence of any other inspiration today, I might as well emulate her. I am the greatest father in the world for my son and daughter … Continue reading

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My Blog’s Recent Adventures.

Or as Shackman so nicely put it – “Still down eh? Gremlins at work or play???” I hope that the bugs or the gremlins have stopped playing!

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