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Education IV.

I think that with this post, I will stop writing anything more on this subject unless something else triggers a new thought process. In my blog post Education II, Pravin commented as: “What is the purpose of education? It is not … Continue reading

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A Sacred Song.

For me, and as it will be be for millions of Indians, the most sacred song will be this. No matter how many times I hear this, I get goose-pimples. This one is from Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, a Bhajan on … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep?

For all my blog world friends who have problems finding good restful sleep. Here is news that will solve your problem.  May be even oversolve it! You will just have to emigrate to a strange new place.  May be you … Continue reading

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I had been looking forward to the release of this picture ever since it was announced in our papers because Will Smith is in it.  And when I found that Margot Robbie was also in it, I was caught hook … Continue reading

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Lost And Found!

There are at least two of my readers, alas extremely close to me, who are likely to convey a Tamil proverb to me – “வேலை இல்லாத நாவிதன் பூனையை பிடிச்சு சரைப்பானாம்.” Translated, “A barber without clients will catch hold of a cat … Continue reading

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Class Room.

A young friend Chinmay has posted this on his facebook page and I am amazed that things have not changed since my school days!  And those were over half a century ago! I went to a ‘boys only’ school but … Continue reading

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What A Horrid Future!

One day, Nasruddin came home and said to Fatima, “My dear, why don’t you cook a nice pilaf. I feel very good today. Let’s have a nice evening.” Fatima made a lovely pilaf for dinner, which they enjoyed greatly. After … Continue reading

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My Health.

I am overwhelmed by the concern shown by my blog world friends and others about my health.  From some of the messages that I have received, it would appear that my illness has been misunderstood to be something life threatening … Continue reading

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Letter Of Gratitude. (Shukriya Khat.)

Come spend a few minutes with me on a trip of nostalgia.

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Travails Of Blogging.

If there is one single travail that I would latch on to, it would be to pick a topic to write on when one is writing a blog for fun like all of my regular readers and I do. For … Continue reading

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