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My High Speed Mind.

Just for a few seconds, my mind went into overdrive this morning. It is normally a de-cluttered one but an unusual occurrence speeded up the imagination process and gave me palpitation and an almost-there panic attack. I was in the … Continue reading

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“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” ~ George Santayana. That reminds me.  I must go out and have some tender coconut water soon. Historically throughout … Continue reading

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Broken Horses.

No, I am not biased.  Yes, I loved this movie.  I intend seeing it again for Chris Marquette’s portrayal of Buddy. I had to qualify with the first sentence because this is a true-blue Western based in Texas but adapted for … Continue reading

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Fear Of Death.

A young physician in Tokyo named Kusuda met a college friend who had been studying Zen. The young doctor asked him what Zen was.“I cannot tell you what it is,” the friend replied, “but one thing is certain. If you … Continue reading

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Kiss And Hurry Sundown.

O innocent victims of Cupid, Remember this terse little verse: To let a fool kiss you is stupid, To let a kiss fool you is worse. ~ Yip Harburg And the same genius can come up with the lyrics for … Continue reading

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The Sudden Stop.

Mulla Nasrudin fell from the scaffold and dropped three floors. Other workers rushed to the spot and one of them asked him,”Are you hurt by the fall?” “It wasn’t the fall that hurt me,” Mulla groaned. “It was the sudden … Continue reading

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The Rough And The Smooth.

It is fitting that this landmark post is published as part of our Loose Bloggers’ Consortium exercise where a group of bloggers write on the same topic every Friday. This is one activity, or shall we say, discipline has been … Continue reading

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We Should All Be So Lucky!

Thank You Anil.

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Grown-Ups And Children.

“Grown-ups love figures… When you tell them you’ve made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you “What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he … Continue reading

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Tom Hanks In Seven Minutes.

I thank my friend Sundari for this.

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