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You Never Appreciate What You Have Till It Is Gone!

You read about my misadventure with my slippers on Sunday at the concert. These were the pair that I lost. I went looking for exact replacements at two of Pune’s largest Bata shops and could not find one. I had … Continue reading

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Maharajas And Music.

I was invited by the Dakshina Dvaraka again to another concert presentation program yesterday and I had an absolutely marvelous time learning some things about Carnatic Music that I had not known before.  You can learn something about the program from … Continue reading

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Creative Blogger Award.

Holly has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award and I am overwhelmed.  Thank you Holly. Naturally, there are rules to accepting the Creative Blogger Award: Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you. Share 5 facts … Continue reading

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Being Seduced.

Okay, I am taking a very serious article to make a flippant point, and I hope that my readers will forgive me my flippancy.  The lady in this article deserves and gets all my sympathy but there is a side … Continue reading

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Back To Back.

Trust Maria the gaelikaa to come up with the most difficult topics to write on!  This one had me scratching my bald pate for quite some time before I could gather some thoughts on what to write. To start with, this … Continue reading

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Too Close To Home!

Please click on the cartoon to get a larger resolution.

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