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Fairy Tales And Being Young At Heart.

Okay Shackman, take the message. Don’t shoot the messenger!

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Intelligence. An Insight From A Critical Observer.

“There is good news and there is bad news.  The bad news : civilisation as we know it, is about to end.  Now, the good news:  civilisation, as we know it, is about to end.” ~ Swami Beyondananda. A young … Continue reading

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What Is Life? Is Death Real?

Who truly knows, who can honestly say where. This universe came from And where it will vanish to at the End? Those godlike wise men who claim they know were born long After the birth of Creation. Who then could … Continue reading

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Father’s Day.

When I woke up and came to the drawing room this morning, there was a message for me on the dining table.  This is a method the children use to communicate with me something important that I should know before … Continue reading

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Life Is Uncertain.

I had to wait for quite some time before I could post this article on my blog. You will understand the reasons for the delay as you come to the end of the post. Cheerful Monk wrote this in her … Continue reading

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James Thurber’s Dogs

That should resonate with Chutki who has been inactive in her blog. She would be thrilled to read what this blog talks about also as would my readers if they are a little patient. I was quite puzzled when I … Continue reading

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