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Up And Down.

And what would life be without some ups and some downs. Without the one we won’t be able to recognise the other when that comes around. And this is true on a daily basis too. To be totally placid is … Continue reading

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Photochromic Lenses.

I wear photochromic lenses because I have sensitive eyes and I develop an ache in the eyes in bright sunlight.  I have had this condition since the late sixties and except when I am at home and / or in … Continue reading

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan And The Ant-Man.

It was one of those crazy days! My friend Ramesh and I went to see a Hindi movie and found at the box office that that particular show was cancelled. We found that a totally unheard of 3D English film … Continue reading

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Agony Uncle III.

The exchange of mails continues on its merry course.  Mr. Tookay responded after the last mail in my post Agony Uncle II: Dear Sir, Thanks once again for taking time off to reply to my weird questions/doubts. I was really … Continue reading

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I am breaking the serial on Agony Uncle to review a remarkable Hindi film that I have just seen. Masaan, meaning crematorium is a movie that has won accolades already and word of mouth publicity before its relase has ensured … Continue reading

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Agony Uncle II.

As I write this, there is already a third post on the drawing board with further correspondence.  I think that it will be prudent for me to respond to all comments after the entire exchange of mails comes to a … Continue reading

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I Am Now An Agony Uncle.

I got an unexpected mail from a stranger last Thursday.  For the purpose of this post, let us call him Tookay.  Having obtained his permission to do so, I reproduce the correspondence in full. (The correspondence has taken a life … Continue reading

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Adoption II.

My post on Adoption received some very interesting comments and I have responded to all of them to the best of my ability. It has of course come as a surprise to me that a lot of other countries also … Continue reading

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New Rules.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this topic was a terror called MDP. This was when I had joined a British company as a Management Trainee and my training started off with learning all about the … Continue reading

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Homemade Yogurt.

This post got its inspiration from a very interesting article that I read about the starter to get good quality homemade yogurt.  To the best of my knowledge, apart from my Indian readers, there is only one blogger who makes yogurt … Continue reading

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