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Baahubali: The Beginning.

I don’t know of nor have heard of any of the cast, director, or any other team member involved in making this movie. It is a film made in Telugu but dubbed in Hindi, and other Indian languages but thankfully, … Continue reading

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Father Issues.

I had a tumultuous time with my father for most of my life as did all my siblings.  Towards his end, he became more than usually cantankerous and my son and I had to bear the brunt of his behaviour. … Continue reading

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My story about my having escaped being adopted by my uncle and aunt caused some of my readers to comment about the process of adoption.  I had responded with “Adoption is quite common in India when a couple is childless … Continue reading

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The Solar Topee And The Felt Hat.

This will be the last post on the soliloquy based on the above photograph. There are just two items left in the photograph that merit some reminiscing and nostalgia. The first one is the Solar Topee, depicted there by my … Continue reading

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The Two Doctors And The Three Mosquitoes.

The two grownups in the photograph there are, my aunt, that is, my late father’s younger sister and her husband. They had been married for less than about a year when this photograph was taken. Here is a photograph taken … Continue reading

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I suspect that what Lin had in mind was “being blind to things and events around us”  to write about when she suggested this topic for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium. I however will write about four people who came … Continue reading

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The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras.

We shall now come to the next furthest object in the photo.  The cottage with the bamboo screen on the front and the bicycle, to the right of the photograph. This was the home of my father’s elder brother and … Continue reading

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My Late Father And His Vehicles.

There has been overwhelming “Yes” response to my question on my post Soliloquies. And so, here I go with the first instalment.  That photograph will yield some more posts, I assure you. Let me start at the furthest away object … Continue reading

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During my recent visit to the barber for my monthly hair cut, he suggested that I go for a full facial treatment besides the upper body massage, which is my normal routine. I laughed at him and said that I … Continue reading

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A Visitor Who Was Not Very Flattering!

My cousin Mohan, just a couple of years younger than I am, came up to Pune to spend two days with me on Friday and Saturday. And there is a rather interesting story behind that visit. Before we reconnected three years ago, I … Continue reading

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