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Love Conquers All!

Jim, Romance in India is alive and flourishing. At least among some old geezers. Manjhi was a young man when he started to break down the mountain, but look at these two remarkable men. An 80 year old man is … Continue reading

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Sleep Well!

Earl has a better idea than this article!

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Manjhi The Mountain Man.

On August 15, 2015, my blogger friend Jim posted this image on his facebook wall and we exchanged these comments Jim: “Ramana, thought that you might like this story.” I: “He is quite a hero here Jim. A biopic has … Continue reading

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Planning And Planting.

I suppose that Lin wanted us to write about a process of planning to plant a garden or an orchard something like that. Otherwise, these two words though sounding similar when spoken aloud, as a team do not offer a … Continue reading

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Travel Now.

Thank you Kamini.

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The Traveller And The Old Married Couple.

Having recently written a series of posts on Travelling, when I came across these two very interesting things,  I thought it best to share them, with my readers though there is little travelling except for the mention of a traveller in the … Continue reading

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