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Love Conquers All!

Jim, Romance in India is alive and flourishing. At least among some old geezers. Manjhi was a young man when he started to break down the mountain, but look at these two remarkable men. An 80 year old man is … Continue reading

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Sleep Well!

Earl has a better idea than this article!

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Manjhi The Mountain Man.

On August 15, 2015, my blogger friend Jim posted this image on his facebook wall and we exchanged these comments Jim: “Ramana, thought that you might like this story.” I: “He is quite a hero here Jim. A biopic has … Continue reading

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Planning And Planting.

I suppose that Lin wanted us to write about a process of planning to plant a garden or an orchard something like that. Otherwise, these two words though sounding similar when spoken aloud, as a team do not offer a … Continue reading

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Travel Now.

Thank you Kamini.

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The Traveller And The Old Married Couple.

Having recently written a series of posts on Travelling, when I came across these two very interesting things,  I thought it best to share them, with my readers though there is little travelling except for the mention of a traveller in the … Continue reading

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Ned Kelly – The Movie.

I cannot remember quite how I got persuaded to purchase a DVD of a film with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine called Second Hand Lions, but it must have been a strong recommendation from a friend. I had bought it … Continue reading

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Travel Series VI.

Lin, the promised bonus post on the Travel Series. I had written this three years ago! “Gender Change. During my recent trips to the South of India, I had a couple of misadventures with the Indian Railways. To start with, … Continue reading

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Travel Series V.

Lin, I wrote this one too for the LBC over three years ago. The topic was suggested by Padmum. This gives more than just one incident and to that extent kind of sums up my travelling days and some of … Continue reading

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Dada Vaswani is a much in demand person for the Sindhi diaspora. He is therefore a much travelled man who has seen more of the world than most of his followers would in a lifetime. He was once asked by … Continue reading

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