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Grey Hair.

Grey hair is preferred by most men to no hair. And I leave those worthies who dye their hair to retain a youthful look out of this post. And I think that a combination of grey hair and no hair … Continue reading

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Dying To Be Me.

This is a book by Anita Moorjani. I was led to this book by the same people who had persuaded me to read Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander about which I had written in my post Too Strange. The … Continue reading

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Frank Abagnale – FED Talk.

I don’t watch TED talks. I simply go straight to the transcripts and read the talk where I want to know about what the speaker talks about. And this one is called FED talk! I made an exception in this … Continue reading

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Bulk Buying.

Nobody in his senses now wants to buy into bulk.  The trend all over the world is to cut down, to minimise and to do with less.  And that includes one’s own size! There are however people who still insist … Continue reading

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Bridge Of Spies.

[rating=6] A potent combination of Steven Spielberg, The Coen Brothers, Tom Hanks and Alan Alda plus a very well made trailer that I saw last week had made up my mind to see this film before it was taken off … Continue reading

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[rating=6] Another film recommended by my friend Abhaya. To make it worthwhile, his message to me said “‘Limitless’. Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Fabulous.” I bought it lock, stock and barrel and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film. Thank you … Continue reading

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The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

My favourite heroine Lisbeth Salander is back and with a vengeance as should only be expected. Caveat, the book is written by David Lagercrantz and so does not quite come up to the standards set by Stieg Larsson, but it … Continue reading

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Telephone Bills.

For the past many years my average monthly mobile telephone bill would be in the region of Rs.800.00 Many people that I know said that this was what they were paying too and so I had accepted that as part … Continue reading

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The Bridges Of Madison County.

The more I experience such films, the more I appreciate modern technology that enables me to see old films and catch up with a period of not seeing films at all.  It is really a blessing and those who know … Continue reading

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