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[rating=6] Another film recommended by my friend Abhaya. To make it worthwhile, his message to me said “‘Limitless’. Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Fabulous.” I bought it lock, stock and barrel and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film. Thank you … Continue reading

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The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

My favourite heroine Lisbeth Salander is back and with a vengeance as should only be expected. Caveat, the book is written by David Lagercrantz and so does not quite come up to the standards set by Stieg Larsson, but it … Continue reading

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Telephone Bills.

For the past many years my average monthly mobile telephone bill would be in the region of Rs.800.00 Many people that I know said that this was what they were paying too and so I had accepted that as part … Continue reading

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The Bridges Of Madison County.

The more I experience such films, the more I appreciate modern technology that enables me to see old films and catch up with a period of not seeing films at all. ┬áIt is really a blessing and those who know … Continue reading

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Movies And Me.

This post has been inspired by two comments left on earlier posts by two friends. One on the blog itself by Shackman on my post Mystic River. I quote him – “It is an excellent film. Luckily I am not … Continue reading

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Family Size.

This ubiquitous sign without any text is the most well known image in India. It stands for: One of India’s great success stories voluntary family planning that restricted the growth of population to manageable levels. Voluntary, except for a short … Continue reading

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