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This week’s LBC topic has again been suggested by Maria the gaelikaa. I know why she suggested this but she has left me in a tough spot to write about this. We have lived where we live now for 25 … Continue reading

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Crazy II.

  When you are crazy you learn to keep quiet. ~ Philip K Dick.

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This post is dedicated to Nick in whose blog post this exchange took place. Me: “At the individual level, many of my well wishers have been telling me for decades that I am in need of psychiatric help. One of … Continue reading

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Care Giving II.

Continuing from where I left off yesterday, let me start off by going back to the beginning of my caregiving experiences. Urmeela suffered multiple cardiac and cerebral infarcts in 2001. After the initial hospitalisation and coming home she was advised … Continue reading

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Care Giving.

I should know. I was caregiver for my late wife for seven years and for my late father for two. Both were as different as chalk and cheese in terms of the quality of the experience of caring, but in … Continue reading

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I dedicate this to my good friend Narasimha for his interest in geriatrics. I received this as an attachment to a mail with no text on the mail. I leave you to decide whether I should have laughed or cried. … Continue reading

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Somehow I don’t think that Maria would have expected what I am about to write as my contribution, when she suggested the topic for today’s LBC’s weekly posts when a few of us write on the same subject. Be that … Continue reading

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I am in some confusion and am writing this post to try and clear the cobwebs to come with the correct solution to a problem that I am facing just now. There is an acquaintance whose presence in my life … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Chutki came into our lives exactly two years ago and Manjiree is giving her a birthday bash. This household will be shorn of a great deal of life and love without her. Happy Birthday Chutki.

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On the 12th and the 13th, we had Deborah and Phil from Georgia USA with us and it was exhillarating catching up with them after so many years.  We were sad to see them go away and look forward to … Continue reading

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