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Chaitanya and Vaishali are good friends of mine.  I have known them for quite some time now and have always called them by their full names. Both had come to visit us for Diwali and while chatting about various things, … Continue reading

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King Of Cowboys!

When travelling overseas, I used to be asked the meaning of my name by many people and I would inevitably translate my surname Rajgopaul as Raja for King and Gopala for Cowherd or Cowboy as in the West translating to … Continue reading

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Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.   This is Shiva depicted as Neelakant (The Blue Throated One) You will find the myth behind that powerful figure in this story. Somehow I don’t think that Lin had … Continue reading

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Mr. & Mrs. Iyer.

[rating=6] Like it often happens, I was led to this gem of a film by accident. Neha, a young friend had come home and we were discussing matters of great import when she struggled to remember a name, which turned … Continue reading

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Festival Of Lights – Deepavali.

Cheerful Monk in her blog post Lights talked about putting up lights on their roof at Christmas time.  We exchanged the following comments there. I : Coming weekend here will ring in the festive season starting with Diwali on the 11th inst. … Continue reading

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. ~ Robert Frost Frost may have had miles to go before he slept but, this old heap has clocked a … Continue reading

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How Old Are You?

I was asked to play this game by a friend and despite my cynicism, I did and got this message at the end of the game. You really act like a seventy-five year old! You’ve lived long enough to want … Continue reading

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[rating=2] Let me get it off my chest straight away!  I was burnt. Since I am quite fond of cooking I had hoped to learn something from the film and came away disappointed. I also went because of two names … Continue reading

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My Extended Weekend.

My weekend actually started on last Friday morning after I had posted my LBC post on Grey Hair. I decided that no matter what, I will see two DVDs that had been bought quite some time ago and finish reading … Continue reading

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