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Senior Citizen Logic!

Thankfully, I live in a place where I can wear footwear without socks!  I do wear them with formal shoes or with sneakers, but for casual purposes, I simply get into pumps without any.

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Mumbai, My Mumbai.

I was born in Mumbai when it was known as Bombay and other than Pune, I have spent the maximum number of years as an adult in that wonderful city.  I have family and innumerable friends there who have been … Continue reading

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Crossword Puzzles.

My readers know that I am addicted to solving crossword puzzles and so when I came across this comic strip, I was more than amused!

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Driving Licence.

Validity of my driving licence expires today. I was alert enough to have gone through the process of applying for renewal a month ago and so now it is valid till December 5. 2020. While normally the validity period is … Continue reading

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The Inner Child The Outer Child

Today’s topic for the weekly LBC post comes from Lin. Since I had never had to deal with the concept of the outer child, I had to undertake some research to understand the term before I could attempt to write … Continue reading

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