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Sunday In The Park With George.

A mysterious topic for the LBC from Lin which will be solved when I get to read her post eventually. I am unusually late in posting this because I had been preoccupied with a number of domestic chores besides being … Continue reading

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I was conned into seeing this movie because of Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence. The story, as inspiring as it is and heavily female oriented, could have been told in about 90 minutes and since that did not happen … Continue reading

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I distinctly remember the situation in 1990 when around 170000 Indians were stranded in Kuwait during invasion by Iraqi forces and the subsequent embargo imposed by the UN. I myself had just gone through a difficult transition in my career … Continue reading

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It Is A Small World.

My newly made friend at the local park and I were exchanging notes on our pre retirement careers when I discovered that he had spent some time at Bahrain.  When I asked him if he had ever come across a … Continue reading

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I received this in a group mail to my classmates from a classmate who, as you can see, is a seenager. I am one of the people that he hangs around with and I am sure that most of my … Continue reading

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First Impressions.

I want to share a story which has been inspired by a post by Nick. For many years now I have been seeing an elderly gentleman briskly walking every evening in our local joggers’ park. I have often heard him … Continue reading

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How To Be Alone – II

I had promised Cheerful Monk that I would review the book once I had finished reading it and here it is.  I hope that Anjali agrees with my conclusion. I am disappointed. Sara Maitland has taken the theme that she … Continue reading

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Of Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards

Today’s LBC topic comes courtesy Lin whose ingenuity can floor me without much effort. Here is an example of that! That should amuse you Tammy! Pumpkins are quite popular in India too but not quite the way they are with … Continue reading

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Wazir, The Movie.

I had to settle a bet by taking two of my friends to lunch out yesterday and was looking forward to some rest and peace today to catch up with my routine. It was not to be as my persistent … Continue reading

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“His words, like so many nimble and airy servitors, trip about him at command.:” ~ John Milton Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.

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