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Exposing A Liar!

Thank you Jai.

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Tolerance Vs Being True To Yourself.

One would imagine that humanity would follow Voltaire’s advice. ¬†Alas, that is only wishful thinking. In India recently, a raging debate about tolerance and intolerance has got everyone’s attention including some from the West who also gave some unsolicited and … Continue reading

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In my last post “It Pours” I had mentioned getting a console made for our inverter. Some of my readers have expressed their desire to know something about inverters. The Wikipedia has this to say about inverters which may confuse … Continue reading

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It Pours!

My readers will know about the chaos that my home has been experiencing with the remodeling going on. There has been a lull as we have temporarily stopped the work, essentially to be done to the exterior and to fabricate … Continue reading

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