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The Jury System.

In my post reviewing the Hindi film Rustom, I had mentioned “Incidentally, the jury system was abolished in India after this case wound up.” Reading that a friend of mine had suggested that I read The Humanity Of Justice by … Continue reading

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Nine Lives.

There were no other worthwhile movie to see and despite having seen the trailer a few times, I decided to spend an afternoon to primarily see Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken in a movie. Neither disappointed me but the rest … Continue reading

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Best Movie Of 2015.

The film that I would rank as the best that I saw during 2015 would be Piku. I had reviewed it in my blog post. Coincidentally, Piku was chosen as the Best Film in the 61st Britannia Filmfare Awards, as … Continue reading

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Two important factors made me want to see this film. The first one was that it had Brett Lee, the Australian Pace Bowler acting in it, and the second as it eventually turned out was that it was produced by … Continue reading

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Happy Bhag Jayegi.

I had seen the trailer for this film earlier and had made up my mind then to see it when released. I was able to earlier this evening and I am very happy that I did. It is a very … Continue reading

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Red Notice; How I Became Putin’s No.1 Enemy.

This is a book that should not only be read by you, but one that should be recommended by you to all your contacts so that more and more people will come to know about the Powerful Russians and the … Continue reading

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My Favourite Season.

We are in the middle of my favourite season, the monsoon. As I write this, there is a lull but the met promises rains back again from later this weekend. The monsoon in Pune starts by the first week of … Continue reading

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The current hot favourite of the Hindi film goer, Rustom is a movie that will be popular with the young and the old for two very different reasons. For the older folk like me who remember the Nanavati murder case … Continue reading

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Raman Raghav II

Due to all kinds of problems, I was unable to see this film when it was released in our theaters. I was however told by very discerning filmgoers that I must see it and so procured a DVD and saw … Continue reading

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The Namesake.

A new commentator to my blog, janey canuck, through her comments on my post The Rabbit Hole got me interested in seeing this film at home yesterday. I had read the novel when it was released in 2003 and had … Continue reading

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