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A very practical guide that I received as a forward via WhatsApp. Talk to *Mother* _lovingly,_ Talk to *Father* _respectfully,_ Talk to *Brothers* _heartfully,_ Talk to *Sisters* _affectionately,_ Talk to *Children* _enthusiastically,_ Talk to *Relatives* _empathetically,_ Talk to *Friends* _jovially,_ … Continue reading

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Roles And Perceptions.

An Industrial Psychologist, member of a group of Professionals to which I belong in WhatsApp, conducted a survey among us about our experiences as employees and citizens. He is trying to draw up a profile of our group so that … Continue reading

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My post The Lady Of The House elicited the comments of how fast time has flown as I had written about their wedding five years ago. Those comments have inspired this post.

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Homophones – Names.

Joered has this fascinating post up in her blog on Jazz Homophones. My comments there elicited her very educative and informative response which taught me a couple of things too. The post inspires me to come up with a few … Continue reading

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The Lady Of The House.

I feel like kicking myself. There is not even one recent photograph of mine with my daughter in love and son. I must remedy it asap and arrange for it to be framed and saved for posterity. In the meanwhile, … Continue reading

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There are two main rainy seasons in India called The Monsoons One is the current season in most parts of Western and Northern India called the South West Monsoon and the other later in the year operative in most of … Continue reading

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The same friend who had accused me of melancholia, after reading my post on Life, rang me up this morning to reinforce his argument that I am prone to melancholia. This time around, I took some time to reflect on … Continue reading

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I am inspired to write this post by Rachel’s post The Day I Woke Up. For the greater part of my working life, I had to travel extensively and when I finally retired, making the odd journey for pleasure was … Continue reading

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I very rarely spend afternoons outside my home as the one thing that I really look forward to every day is my siesta of between an hour and an hour and a half. ┬áMy reward for many years of not … Continue reading

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For this week’s 2 on 1 Friday post, Shackman ┬ásent this message to me. “List your 5 favorite oxymorons, what they mean and why you like them.” Let me start off by defining the term Oxymoron. An oxymoron is a … Continue reading

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