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Recap 2019; Highs And Lows. Hopes For 2020.

This Friday 2 on 1 post will the last that Shackman and I will be writing this year and Shackman has come up with this as the topic. I think that it is a brilliant idea to attempt a recap. … Continue reading

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Family Business.

By accident, I don’t usually watch movies on television, I watched Family Business, a 1989 movie with two favourite actors, Sean Connery and Dustin Hoffman. And, as a bonus, I discovered another good actor, Mathew Broderick. My daughter in love … Continue reading

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Season’s Decoration.

My readers will recollect what my daughter in love did for Deepavali. She is back at it for the Christmas and new year festive season here. She has decorated our verandah with lights and I learnt how to take a … Continue reading

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The inspiration for this topic came from a character in the novel A Peoples’ History Of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian. The character is a professional rangoli artist. In my childhood, I distinctly remember rangoli being drawn every morning outside our … Continue reading

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I am a tea person and unashamedly so. Since both my parents were living in the North of India before their marriage and I too was born there, our home, unlike most South Indian ones, did not have the obsession … Continue reading

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Social Media And Memory Triggers.

Facebook reminded me and my family of an outing six years ago about which I had blogged here. Naturally, all of us are reminded of that day when Chutki was a pup recovering from the fractures in her hind legs. … Continue reading

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