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The image is of a Cricketing batsman anticipating a delivery from the bowler at the other end of the wicket. This topic has been suggested by Shackman for our weekly Two On One Friday Blog Post. Please go over to … Continue reading

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As my readers know, I am a newspaper addict and I wait for my dose of them every morning with bated breath. As soon as I hear the newspaper boy drop them outside the door to our flat, I stop … Continue reading

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This post has been inspired by a story narrated by a character in a fascinating book about Banaras, or Varanasi as it is now known. “After breakfast I go go my shop. It is a grocery shop run by my … Continue reading

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I enjoyed reading Eclectica’s post on the same topic that I decided to answer the same questions here for a lark. I hope that my readers get as much enjoyment as I did at Eclectica’s post. 1. What was the … Continue reading

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This week’s 2 on 1 blog post comes to you courtesy Shackman whose take on the subject can be seen at his blog. Perception involves arriving at meanings often leading to action. In addition to the nature of the stimuli, … Continue reading

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Teachers Then And Now.

Diane had this to say in her comments on my blog post on Passing The Buck. “Being a lowly teacher, the buck always stopped at me, so I never learned how to do it.” That comment brought this cartoon to … Continue reading

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