A Meme.

Grannymar has posted a meme.

My variation of Grannymar’s Meme.

Every answer must start with the first letter of your name.

Name – Rummuser
Colour – Red
Career – Romeo
Hobby – Reading
Animal – Reindeer
Boys Name – Ranjan
Girls Name – Ranjani
Drink – Rasam (Mulligatawny soup)
Food – Rice and curry
Fruit – Raisin
Place – Ratnagiri
Movie – Rambo
Something you wear – Ring
Something found in bathroom – Rug
Reason to be late – Rain

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20 Responses to A Meme.

  1. Grannymar says:

    I am smiling at your Career and Rain would be no excuse for being late in Ireland!!!!
    Grannymar recently posted..A Meme

  2. tammy j says:

    what fun!
    i didn’t realize what a meme is.
    did you want us to do it too?
    i like your career! LOLOL. kind of like cowboy only with an r
    name – tammy
    color – teal
    career – tourism . actually true.
    hobby – typing . on this computer apparently
    animal – tiger . my pet name for my nephew sgt mike
    boy name – thomas
    girl name – therese’ NOT theresa
    drink – tomato juice spicy hot
    food – toast with orange marmalade
    fruit – tickled pink grapefruit . well what fruit starts with t ??!!! oh. tamarind oranges!
    place – timbucktu
    movie – the mating season . with gene tierney)
    something you wear – t shirt
    something found in bathroom – towel
    reason to be late – tears
    tammy j recently posted..our work here

  3. Linda Sand says:

    Quick responses without much thought:
    Name – Linda
    Colour – Lilac
    Career – Landscaper
    Hobby – Lazing around
    Animal – Lion
    Boys Name – Leonard
    Girls Name – Lorinda
    Drink – Limeade
    Food – Lazy Cake
    Fruit – Lemon
    Place – Lounge chair
    Movie – Last Tango in Paris
    Something you wear – Leather shoes
    Something found in bathroom – Lipstick
    Reason to be late – Last minute run to the loo

  4. I can’t do it this morning…haven’t had my coffee yet! But it looks like such fun!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..30 Websites To a Good Nights’ Sleep!

  5. nick says:

    So why Ratnagiri? I must say it looks very beautiful in Google photos.

    • Ratnagiri used to be one of my favourite places to visit when I was a travelling salesman. Apart from the excellent sea food that it is famous for, it is also famous for its mangoes.

  6. bikehikebabe says:

    This is Fun. Unfortunately I don’t have time for Fun today. I think I’ll grab a little of that later. 😀

  7. wisewebwoman says:

    But would it all be true if you are forced onto one letter of the alphabet? H’m.

    wisewebwoman recently posted..She says

  8. kylie says:

    name – kylie
    color – karmine
    career – killer for hire
    hobby – knitting
    animal – kookaburra
    boy name – keaghan (my 2nd son)
    girl name – kylie, what else?
    drink – kool aid
    food – kake
    fruit – kumquat
    place – katoomba
    movie – king kong
    something you wear – knickers
    something found in bathroom – knots
    reason to be late – krash

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