All Hope Abandon Ye Who…………


…… Who Keep Beards.

If you did not know, that is me.  Hardly any hair on top to crow about but a neatly trimmed beard.

Despite the absence of hair on the top I was hoping till about half an hour ago that I still have some chance with the ladies. My hopes have just been dashed. As usual, some academics with more money to spend than subjects to research on have found that I am now passe.

My bearded friends, we have two options. Bravely decide to stay with our single isolated status or shave the damned things off. I am opting for the former and modern taste be damned.

What about you Shackman and David?

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18 Responses to All Hope Abandon Ye Who…………

  1. Grannymar says:

    If you are worried about your image, why not bring back the peruke?
    Grannymar recently posted..Thursday Special ~ Wishes

  2. I don’t have a beard and I have slightly more hair on top than you do, but I certainly haven’t followed society’s dictates in a long time. How boring would that be?
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Better Than Nothing

  3. Will Knott says:

    I have a beard, but I do shave; shave my head instead.
    It’s a different look (and oddly popular around these parts), you could give it a shot.

  4. Ursula says:

    You are as alluring as ever, Ramana. And don’t forget: A beard balances what you haven’t got on top and hides many a blemish. Not least a double chin. An option, alas, not open to women. Oh my god, Ramana. The mere thought (of a double chin) gives me the shivers. That’s why it does pay to be a man. Let it sprout.

    On the downside of the Samsons of this world: The Angel whose very long hair is drop dead gorgeous recently had a bout of fretting over his “hairline receding”. Complete nonsense. He does have, like I do, a high forehead. He doesn’t believe me. Trust me I am his mother. Doesn’t wash with him. And his beard is so neatly trimmed I forget he has one.

    All of you men, including the exceedingly neat David Beckham (my brother’s twin, no joke), be glad of your no desire to shave. It’s a bloodbath when you do. And then there is designer stubble which is most alluring unless you want to kiss the guy. Which – on the whole – I don’t. Sandpaper will do.

    Thanks for the smile,
    Ursula recently posted..Authenticity

    • It is to avoid that sand paper effect that my U wanted me to keep the beard! And thank you for the vote of confidence, though I have developed a nice double chin!

  5. Mike says:

    Amazing the worthless things that studies discover, isn’t it, though some with beards who read of that one may be fickle enough to shave. There’s sure to be at least one more study out there that says the exact opposite.
    Mike recently posted..Thunder, lightning, howling wind… and the lights went out!

    • Mike, a thousand apologies as Peter Sellers would say. I should have asked your opinion too! And yes indeed, there will be one to come up with exactly the opposite point of view.

  6. shackman says:

    I have too much fun at Christmas with little kids to shave. Plus, I like the way i look with it better than without

  7. Delirious says:

    I think your beard looks okay, but for me anyway, it’s the feel of facial hair that I do not like. And worst of all is when it is stubble! It feels like accupuncture when my husband’s stubble hits my cheek!
    Delirious recently posted..Does Death Really Come in Threes?

  8. cathy in NZ says:

    I’ve not got a beard either, and if I chose to could have more hair on head but I chose to have spikes and right now after my regular 6weekly hair cut it’s short-as!

    These researchers and I haven’t not read your link – just want to be continually paid to do their thing!
    cathy in NZ recently posted..Facts about New Zealand

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