April Fool!

I just could not resist the temptation to suggest this topic for the weekly LBC post, as, it is a Friday which just coincidentally happens to be April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day as some would have it.


Lest the cartoon mislead you, in India, apart from the April Fools day, which is a hangover from our colonial past, we have other festivals where pranks are played, the most popular one being Holi. In fact it was played just last week over here.

I am sure that all my readers would have participated in playing pranks on this day or having been victims of pranks. The one prank that we used to play in school on this day is indelible in my mind for it having caused a lot of problems for my mother who had to repair the damage done. We used to carve the letters AF on sliced raw potatoes, as a kind of imitation rubber stamp and smear fountain pen ink; yes, those days before ballpoint pens, on it to tap friends with that so that the shirts would carry AF stamp on them. Naturally, I would also carry a few such stamps and to get rid of the stamps was quite a chore for my mother.

Of late, on this day, I have been quite wary of prank calls and visits and so, I have become a totally useless fellow for pranks. Since I do not have grand children and others to urge me to participate, it is by default that the first of April simply passes by like any other day. In my time, even as an adult, I have been both perpetrator and victim but it has been many years since I participated as age has finally caught up with me.

To sign off, let me share a piece of nostalgia from the sixties of the last century, two very popular Bollywood stars, Shammi Kapoor and Saira Banu in a typical Hindi film song and dance routine from a film aptly titled April Fool. Shackman should know that I am quite capable of producing something like this too!

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26 Responses to April Fool!

  1. Ursula says:

    My dear Ramana, thanks for the laugh. And commiserations to your mother. That’s the trouble with pranks – no one thinks of the fallout and its aftermath.

    Being the good natured, trusting and embarrassingly gullible that I am I have fallen for the truly pathetic. My mother was particularly good a telling me some nonsense and – as children do – I fell for it hook, line and stinker. Still, at least one of us was amused (her). Have I since become more suspicious when someone tells me bullshit? No. Till you brought it to my attention I hadn’t even noticed it’s April first. I shall now, for the remaining hours, be on my guard, lock the house and resist urge to answer the phone.

    Hug and kiss,
    Ursula recently posted..Shake can well before use

    • Ursula says:

      Ramana, this has only loosely to do with the original subject, though maybe someone played a prank on me. I logged on a few minutes ago to see whether you had left me a reply – and, as one does, read my original comment to you.

      In it reads “remote nonsense”. It is not a phrase I’d ever use. I don’t even know what it means. There is nothing remotely “remote” about my mother. Neither has she ever spouted nonsense.

      I am actually rather upset – and I say that as someone whose words often get falsified and twisted. My question? How is it possible for an outsider – since I know it wasn’t you – to change text in a blog’s comment box? Whowever it was: It’s not funny.

      Ursula recently posted..Shake can well before use

      • When I read it at first, even I was surprised as it is not something that you would use and in any case, it did not fit in. I however assure you that if it is a typo, it was by you and not a prank played by either me or anyone else. Since you are upset about it, I shall edit the word remote off the comment, which I can do.

    • Since I have had to respond to your follow up comments, let me keep this brief. My mother had quite a few tricks up her sleeves for April Fools Day and the forenoons were usually full of laughter at home if it was a holiday too. Otherwise, in school, you have read what we did apart from other pranks.

  2. Dunnasead says:

    Since everyone in my family learned to cook at a very early age, April Fools Day was the day we really let it all hang out- green french toast with orange polka dots, instant coffee with cold water. And, since we didn’t waste food, everyone had to eat it, which was half of the fun. After that though, no pranks on outsiders. Just the family.
    Dunnasead recently posted..April Fool-What, Only April?

  3. shackman says:

    This is a day I no longer embrace nor participate in, quite frankly. While in my younger days I wholeheartedly enjoyed playing a few pranks, I find too much of what passes these days for serious discussion and action in such poor taste I no longer have the heart nor the inkling for April fool stuff. I am not humorless – I just do not see the point in a special day for it. Hence the lck of enthusiasm in my comments.

    • I am quite aware that you are not short of humour and can relate to your reluctance to participate on the day. I did not elaborate, but my sentiments are also more or less the same.

  4. tammy j says:

    i had completely forgotten that it’s april fools day rummy!
    i agree with ursula. whom i’m glad to see back btw.
    i also noticed in the bollywood clip that she liked him a lot better
    AFTER she threw away that blasted flute for good. LOL.
    i went on to watch some other clips of the same singers. very entertaining!

    when i took classes in hatha yoga for several months … our teacher from india …
    on april fool’s day (again i hadn’t known it was) had us do a new pose.
    he said it would be the ‘ touch your tongue to your nose pose. ‘
    we all desperately tried to do this. it could not be done.
    finally he said very amusedly… “happy april foolish day everyone!”
    i just adored him. he walked everywhere. had no car. was one of the most delightful people i’ve ever known. i learned a lot about life just having known him.

    • That movie was a riot. It was billed as a Romantic Comedy and it lived fully up to that description.

      Your Yoga teacher seems to have been a remarkable fellow, unlike most Indians who go over the pond!

  5. I’m afraid Andy and I don’t do pranks either. As you know, I get a lot of my laughs from cartoons.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Our Choice

  6. Pravin says:

    What is AF for? I didnt get that, can you please complete the story?

  7. Looney says:

    If I had been justly punished for all my pranks I would be typing this message out from prison. But this worked its way out of my system long ago.
    Looney recently posted..And The Trump Shall Resound.

  8. Kaitlin says:

    My brother-in-law fell for a good one. He gets the New York Times strictly for the cross word puzzles. On April Fool’s day the newspaper posted a story about how, due to budget cuts, they would no longer post the crossword. Boy was he angry!!! It was not until hours later after relaying his tale of woe over and over again did someone point out it was April Fools. He had quite a laugh at that point.

  9. I have never liked April Fool’s Day, being a square, serious type, and was usually the recipient, not the one who delivered! I do have a sense of humor, however, and probably enjoy verbal humor (jokes, stories) more than pranks! I loved this blog, and hope you had a happy April Fool’s Day!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Creativity And Ageā€”Some Startling Truths

    • Somehow from your blogs and the comments that you have left here, I can’t see you as a square and serious type. I can however relate to your not liking the day. I had a very quiet and totally prank free April Fools Day, thank you.

  10. Mother says:

    I was never very imaginative about pranks in the days of my children. Always the same…go into their rooms and breathlessly say, “We overslept. You’re late for school.”
    The strange part is…they always fell for it.
    Go figure!
    Mother recently posted..Joy and Sorrow in the Afternoon

  11. wisewebwoman says:

    The jokes got crueller as I had advanced in years and took on a dark undertone. I did enjoy it as a child, the innocent humour, often with the bed tricks, do you remember the sheets being doubled so you had to take the bedding apart to climb in?

    wisewebwoman recently posted..Dis & Dat

  12. nick says:

    I’ve never had much urge to play April Fool pranks (or any other kind of prank) on other people, and I’ve seldom been pranked myself. But I’ve often successfully pranked Jenny with bogus news items about politicians resigning or whatever. I can tell total lies with a perfectly straight face so she’s completely taken in!
    nick recently posted..Innocent abroad

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