Bamboo Bicycles.

I came across two interesting characters making bicycles using bamboo frames and I share both with my readers.


The first one is from Ghana and this article will give you all the information on the contraption.

The next one is an Indian and you can see his story in this youtube clip.

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19 Responses to Bamboo Bicycles.

  1. Good for them!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Being Rich

  2. Maxi says:

    This is creativity at its finest!
    blessings ~ maxi

  3. tammy j says:

    200,000 cycles!
    both stories very moving.
    i love entrepreneurs! especially down to earth hands on ones! beautiful.

  4. wisewebwoman says:

    The ingenuity of our species never fails to astonish me 🙂

    wisewebwoman recently posted..Safety

  5. Cathy in NZ says:

    yep, I’ve seen a number of innovative ideas lately… many countries are doing their darnest to recycle or utilise other materials – and to provide empolyment etc…

  6. Big John says:

    Reminds me that back in the 1940’s I had a scooter which my dad (he was a carpenter) made out of an old orange box and what I can only describe as bits of ‘fire wood’. .. 🙂

  7. Max Coutinho says:

    Hello Rummy,

    And those Bamboo bikes look gorgeous too. Very refined details. I love it when human beings get creative and their creativity is one of things I love the most about our brothers and sisters. Your post shows something very beautiful too: worlds apart, different backgrounds, yet brilliant minds remain the same. This post is a true ode to human beauty :).

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Russia’s Multi-Layered Syrian Strategy and Pres. Abbas’ Israeli Targets

  8. Bamboo bikes; who knew they made such a thing! One wouldn’t think they’d be all that strong, especially for someone like me. Then again, I know there are different types of bamboo so even though it’s pretty light some of it must be stronger than other types. Freaky! lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..The Syracuse Orange & 5 Lessons To Learn About Social Media

    • Non hollow bamboo poles can be very strong indeed. In South and East Asia, Lathi a heavy pole or stick, especially one used as a club by police is usually of such bamboo. They are stronger than the batons used by Western police and don’t break easily.

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