Beauty Markets II.

If my earlier post Beauty Markets talked about the increasing use of plastic surgery, there is another monster lurking around causing considerable harm to young people.

I offer this article from The Independent without comment.

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  1. Grannymar says:

    I have known a couple of young ladies who took the Anorexia route, one girl had several phases of hospitalisation, thankfully now they are both healthy and happy. One went on to enjoy motherhood to two wonderful children, now beautiful and talented young women.
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  2. shackman says:

    That’s not someting I have firsthand experience with – thankfully – but kid’s have a;ways had body issues related to those they rightfully or wrongfully admire. We’d probnably be better off if reubenesque comes back into vogue rtaher than the unnatural reed thin look
    shackman recently posted..Rains

  3. Nick says:

    Anorexia thrives on (a) the idea that the thinner you are, the more beautiful you are and (b) the idea that through relentless dieting you’re in control of your body and your life. I really don’t know how to discourage those ideas or how to get rid of them once they’re firmly established. Only a professional therapist has the insight and experience to tackle them.
    Nick recently posted..Unshared memories

  4. Yes monstrous – it pays to be vigilant and to teach one’s children to be sceptical about the message pumped out via TV, newspapers, adverts, etc.
    blackwatertown recently posted..No doom and gloom just bravery and beauty

  5. Maxi says:

    This plague on the young is perpetuated by everything they see today; TV ads, magazines, the Internet, etc. It’s sad and disheartening.
    Blessings ~ Maxi
    Maxi recently posted..The Dark Side of Happiness

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