Broken City.

It is Russell Crowe season and when Mark Wahlberg is thrown in as a bonus, I could not resist the temptation. I had seen the former in another film just a few days ago!

I saw Broken City yesterday as part of an indulgent lazy day for myself.

To start with, I landed up at the multiplex half an hour before the start of the film and spent 25 minutes in a cafe having excellent Capuccino and Curry Puffs. I did this exact thing just about a year ago and it was like déjà vu!

Cafe Coffee Day has come a long way during the interim and now offers free Wi Fi! I think that I should go there more often and do some of my blogging there! If I can get myself a tablet, that should be possible.
Cafe Coffeday

The film was gripping and if instead of New York we can have Mumbai, this story can come alive in our part of the world too. Both the actors who had persuaded me to see the film did not let me down. For those who like Crime flims, this is a good see.

I followed the film with lunch at a new restaurant called Tikka Town in a mall called Inorbit.


Had some delectable biriyani, assorted kebabs and rounded it all off with some great gulab jamuns. Sorry, I was too hungry to take photographs of the food!

The lazy indulgent day continued when I returned home for a nice two hour siesta!

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  1. Nandu Pillai says:

    Liked Russell Crowe in “Beautiful Mind” and “Gladiator” . Funnily enough I had Mutton Curry Puffs for lunch today ; not at the movies but after my haircut ! But still have to have Pop Corn at the movies – the experience is incomplete without it !

    • Rummuser says:

      Actually I got hooked to him after seeing him in Gladiator. Since I was going to a fancy restaurant after the movie, I skipped the pop corn, but I agree that it is part of the treat!

      • Nandu Pillai says:

        You simply must see “Beautiful Mind” ( life of John Nash , Nobel laureate – great cast – Ed Harris , Jennifer Connelly ) – a very different role of Crowe and he performed brilliantly ! BTW most of the fabrics used for costumes in Gladiator were sourced from India ( it won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design ) !

  2. shackman says:

    Sure beats the popcorn & coke zero but lately I’ve been going here –;

    Check out the menu for the West 7th Street Ft Worth location. The chairs are more comfortable than the recliner in my living room. I no longer go weekly to the movies so when I do I treat myself.

  3. tammy j says:

    i enjoy hearing about your lazy indulgent you days.
    and when you show pictures it’s wonderful. even your “fast food” tikka town seems exotic! lol.
    i’m catching up with the posts i missed while i was moving.
    your tiny visitor looked totally charming. you are a magnet for young people. face it. you’re simply fun and fascinating old bean!
    and don’t be ‘devasated’ . . . there is great charm in a connoisseur of the good life and a crackerjack photographer of delicious food!
    tammy j
    tammy j recently posted..the wren house

    • Rummuser says:

      I am planning to have a great many more and am scouting around for company to do them with. Even without company, I intend doing so if I must.

      Mrinmayee will be delighted with your comment about her.

  4. Grannymar says:

    That was one heck of a food sandwich with a 109 minute filling in the middle. Does this mean you had no arm candy for the outing?????

    Popcorn is something I never liked whether salted or candy coated.
    Grannymar recently posted..You can be the one!

  5. Maxi says:

    You had a fun day, Rummy. Felt as if I was right there with you. May you have many more.
    Blessings ~ Maxi
    Maxi recently posted..TV Documentary Awakens Hidden Love

  6. Big John says:

    🙂 You lazy, greedy old git ! 😉
    Big John recently posted..Would you cuddle a caveman clone ?

  7. edward says:

    What a great day that is. I’m going to watch that film.

  8. bikehikebabe says:

    Thank you for a delightful day. I live vicariously. That biriyani (all three) sure look delicious. You can bet they were HOT. Hotter than New Mexico hot. 🙂 Really nice post!

  9. My guess is you will love a tablet. I was tired this morning so wrote my post in bed using my iPad. How luxurious is that!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..More “Not Agin ‘Em All”

  10. Cathy in NZ says:

    It certainly lovely to hear that you can go out and about and do anything you want, at any time – you deserve this +++ 🙂
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Front of house

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