Broken II.

Broken II

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  1. tammyj says:

    oh rummy.
    that is good.
    i remember a line in some movie once. don’t even know which one now.
    but a young woman getting a divorce asked her lawyer who was an older married man ~ why he had managed to have a good marriage for so long.
    his answer was
    ” i don’t know. i guess maybe we didn’t expect so much and were happier with what we got.”
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  2. Cathy in NZ says:

    I didn’t try to “fix” mine as everyone but “he” knew it was now past fixing…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Instructions, who for?

  3. Keith says:

    Too right.

  4. Maria says:

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  5. wisewebwoman says:

    I love this, I wish I knew this many times in the past.

    wisewebwoman recently posted..To Soothe the Inner Beast

  6. bikehikebabe says:

    It’s the “Throw Away” generation now. That includes marriage.

  7. Grannymar says:

    That quote reminds of one I often heard my father repeat when I was young: “You made your bed, now lie on it!” – In other words there was no coming back. He never said it to me, thankfully he never had reason to.
    Grannymar recently posted..Sunday one liners ~ 10

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