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Teachers Then And Now.

Diane had this to say in her comments on my blog post on Passing The Buck. “Being a lowly teacher, the buck always stopped at me, so I never learned how to do it.” That comment brought this cartoon to … Continue reading

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In Laws!

I had to satisfy myself that Ikorodu and Epe are real places. As you too can see, both are real places in Nigeria. So, this cutting that I received in WhatsApp talks about real places. I leave it to you … Continue reading

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Passing The Buck.

What a topic to start off the new year’s 2 on 1 Friday Blog Post with! It is my idea for it and I hope that my readers and Chuck’s will enjoy reading our takes on a topic that must … Continue reading

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The inspiration for this topic came from a character in the novel A Peoples’ History Of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian. The character is a professional rangoli artist. In my childhood, I distinctly remember rangoli being drawn every morning outside our … Continue reading

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I am a tea person and unashamedly so. Since both my parents were living in the North of India before their marriage and I too was born there, our home, unlike most South Indian ones, did not have the obsession … Continue reading

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The idea for this title for our weekly 2 on 1 Friday post where Shackman and I write on the same subject came to me when I received the following piece of humour from a friend: Today is ‘World Marriage … Continue reading

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