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Child of itinerant construction workers in India.

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Chutki dedicates this post to Tempest.

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The Indian Head Shake.

If you have already visited India and are in a daze, or have met an Indian wherever you live and have been puzzled or, if you are planning to visit India, this article is one that you must read to … Continue reading

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The Wild West?

This should resonate with my friend Shackman!

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Frustration Continued.

Shackman and I have just written about our frustrations for our 2 on 1 Friday blog posts. I wish that I had received this clip before I had published my post. Easily the height of frustration!

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Spelling Mistake.

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Market Price.

Last Saturday brought a mentee all the way from Mumbai to my side to discuss his current state of frustration with his career and his inability to do anything about it. We had a long discussion on it besides other … Continue reading

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Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

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What Would You Say To A Younger VersionOf Yourself?

Shackman, who has suggested this title for our weekly 2 on 1 post and I are Senior Citizens with some grand stories in our past. No doubt that this has influenced his choice of the title and I welcome it … Continue reading

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Go Metric!

This post derives its inspiration from Cheerful Monk’s post Fahrenheit.

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