Cowboy Joe!

In my Grannymar post I received this comment from Conrad – “Gun totin’ GM and Cowboy Joe – Mayo was elected to that title our Senior year of High School, a most coveted title in our neck of the woods. Being an Indian, do you think you should encourage that?”

Conrad, I am the original Indian, not the Red variety that Cowboy Joe might have confronted in his prime. So, I have no opinion on your question on that score. You must really find yourself a Cherokee or someone like that.

I save that particular response for this blog and in my earlier blog, I answered – “Now, we need to do something about cowboy Joe shouldn’t we? Let me put on my creative cap and see what I can come up with.”

This is what I have come up with.


Conrad, do you think that he has lived up to his potential? Or should we leave that answer to Corky?

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