“Repetition gives a semblance of credibility to even the most outlandish lies.”

Please don’t ask me to elaborate.  There are too many lies and half-truths in our public life going around that I cannot even grade them for their vileness.  I am sure that all my readers, irrespective of where they live will agree that sadly this is the case in all public life.

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  1. Grannymar says:

    That term ‘Trust me’ gives me the shivers. I knew a man near where I live who used it almost at the end of every sentence. I often wondered if he was trying to convince himself… his actions never lived up to his words. Eventually I told him that I would not trust him as far as I could throw him and that was not far, since he was a heavier build than I was!

    • That the phrase is used in a derogatory way is known to me but when I wrote the blog, it had not occurred to me to include that as well! I am glad that you commented on it in that sense.

  2. Yes. The words “Trust me” are a joke to us.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Another Nice Night

  3. nick says:

    Very true that repetition lends credibility. And also that if you throw enough mud, some of it sticks. The classic example here is the Tory lie that the Labour government caused the financial crash. The Tories just kept on repeating it over and over until many people ceased to question it.
    nick recently posted..Things I enjoy

  4. wisewebwoman says:

    So very true. We have an albatross, a huge hydro electric project, that all the pols are lying about. They are bankrupting our province.

    wisewebwoman recently posted..Clarity

  5. tammy j says:

    i have had to go on a ‘news hiatus’ …
    it has gotten so deep here that slogging through it now is painful.

  6. Mother says:

    Sadly, I must agree.
    Mother recently posted..Taking Care – a Gift to Ourselves

  7. Cathy in NZ says:

    whenever that comes out in the news, particularly if it’s the pol—ics – here it usually means that some “act” is going through to “pass” stage and that doesn’t sit well with the citizens…

    right now we are in the bl**dy flag saga! I know I shouldn’t say that about our national flag but it’s become a bl**dy farce…and will continue into next year when another refendrum is thrown at us….

  8. Looney says:

    Agreed. But why is it that repeating something that is true does not give the truth any credibility?
    Looney recently posted..Bajirao + Mastani

  9. One of the lies I have experienced recently is perhaps not so much a lie as an omission. It occurs when public servants do not do their jobs. Passing a client off to the next guy is a common practice, I think, in the government. It causes endless inconvenience and rancor for us, and results in an inefficient system with unnecessary costs. Just a beef I have today, but I hope to not let it spoil my holiday season!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..A Senior Remembers: A Long Ago Christmas

  10. The task was supposed to be easy. Define credibility. I found the dictionary definition was lacking when it came to all of its different facets so I set out on a journey to find someone who could define it.
    Purushottam Thakur recently posted..Robot.TXT File and Their Usage

  11. shackman says:

    Ah yes – political season is upon us. The spin masters are out in full force spreding their tales. Tell a lie often enough and peo[le will think it is the truth. Time to be wary.
    shackman recently posted..The Well of Our Being

  12. Gabbygeezer says:

    Two words: Donald Trump.
    Gabbygeezer recently posted..May the Holidays Treat You Well

  13. Cathy in NZ says:

    I had that in my mind, as well – the Brit colony link – same with Aussie when they wanted to become a republic – hue and cry on the matter… we are still linked to the Queen, apparently she is the real head of country here, and our current PM/politicians are her “staff” as such…. but I’m not sure how far she would go in “ruling on any subject/object” or even if it means terribly much…

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