Down The Garden Path.


One never stops learning and this is a perfect example of that statement. I had heard about and even used “leading up the garden path” but this is the first time that I have come across “down the garden path”. On investigation I found that apparently both can be used to mean the same. What a language!

I can honestly say that I have never knowingly led anyone down the garden path but I am no saint and unknowingly, I may well have done so. If I come to know of such instances through any of my readers, I am perfectly willing to make amends and at the least, apologise.

I can however attest to quite a few instances when I was led down the garden path. This topic, in fact has nudged my memory to a few that I had even forgotten all about. let me share just one such story.

Last year, I suddenly developed a severe pain in my shoulder and since a friend recommended an orthopedist conveniently located, I consulted him. He first tried to ease my pain by recommending some pain killers as well as sending me to a physiotherapist to learn some exercises. This same treatment continued for a month with three visits and seeing no change, he suggested that I take an ultrasound image. On getting the result, the orthopedist suggested that I had a torn ligament and needed to get it surgically corrected.

Once it was suggested that I need surgery, I decided to consult the surgeon who had revised my replaced hip joints on three occasions as to what should be done. He promptly guided me to a shoulder specialist who after studying just an X-ray of the shoulder, recommended that I simply continue the exercise regime and use painkillers at need and lo and behold, in three months, the shoulder pain simply disappeared by itself!

Had I stayed with the first orthopedist, I would have been taken down the garden path and would have punctured a big hole in my bank balance!

This topic for the weekly Friday LBC blog posts, where a few of us write on the same topic, was suggested by Lin. Shackman is sure to write and some others may be writing too.

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  1. shackman says:

    Interestingly enough in my years as a salesman I also never knowingly led a client down or up the garden path. Considering one of those clients was the President of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club, that is a good thing.
    shackman recently posted..Down the Garden Path LBC 06/17/2016

  2. It pays to get that second opinion from someone you trust.

    Hope your shoulder causes you no more trouble.

  3. I have become a believer in getting a second opinion. Glad you did in this case!

  4. I agree. Good for you for getting further information from doctors you trusted.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Contractors

  5. Cathy in NZ says:

    I’ve gone the garden path, when it was suggested about a decade ago – that if I got a degree, I would be certain of employment at the end of it…

    I did indeed get said degree at the very beginning of the year – there was much talk about when I finished come July – all would be on track…

    What happened was somewhat different – you see, in April things changed. I never imagined that they would because really a birthday with a different number usually doesn’t matter but somehow I had stepped across the threshold when I magically became 60!

    apparently too old to be considered for any kind of position AND although the powers to be knew perfectly well how my CV stacked up – that too suddenly became obsolete OOPS no…I became OBSOLETE human wise…

    the rest of that year passed in a blurr…but somehow I managed to overcome the “No job to be had” and have gaily just gone on doing whatever I want…

  6. Joared says:

    I think any time elective surgery is involved at least a second opinion, maybe a third, is wise. Glad your shoulder okay now.
    Joared recently posted..TRAGEDY, OTHER GENERAL MATTERS

  7. tammy j says:

    this post especially resonated with me.
    remember when I tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder?
    they also immediately wanted to operate… “or it will never heal properly”
    I never had the surgery and it has healed perfectly.
    it did take longer perhaps. but like you… I am not out the money nor the danger of having been sedated. as we get older I think that is to be avoided if possible.
    and our bodies DO HEAL themselves if given the chance.
    I’m back now myself and getting stronger with each day. and now drinking LOTS and LOTS of water!
    just have to tell you I LOVED the quote from viktor frankl in you past post.
    that was a wonderful post all the way round. 🙂
    tammy j recently posted..little blessings and don’t dry up!

  8. Mother says:

    I love thinking of going “down my garden path” as a very positive experience. (I tried to upload a photo but was not successful.) As to the other…I’m not as easily led as I once was…
    Mother recently posted..Graduation – an End and a Beginning

  9. Anna says:

    After some rather serious consequences of doctors leading me up and down the garden path, I realised that I also need to take responsibility for taking care of myself and not blindly follow botanical guides with doctors diplomas.

    English being my second language I also often exclaim – what a language! 🙂

  10. Ursula says:

    Literally, not figuratively, speaking I love being taken up and down garden paths.

    As to your shoulder. The body is not only a miracle but a mystery to itself. When in my late twenties, and remember I am health reincarnated, one of my lower legs kept giving way. So, once in a while, I had no grip on the ground and, naturally, kept not so much as falling as doing a not so gracious curtsy. Doctor ruled out “runner’s leg” though my shin was very angry with me. Then, in a moment of I don’t know what, I made an appointment at a well known and reputable alternative medicine clinic. What do you know (acupuncture) – a few needles later (doesn’t hurt) I was told not to drive for the next half hour or so till effect wears off. “Effect”? It was bliss. I came close to Nirvana. I walked round their park. Blissed out.

    Result? Oh yes. Whatever “it” was my leg never gave way again. All pain gone. Miracle or what?

    All the best to you,
    Ursula recently posted..Overlap

    • I have heard other stories too about how alternative medicine cured difficult cases. I am glad that in your case you were not only cured but it has not troubled you since. Thank you.

  11. wisewebwoman says:

    Our intuition is a powerful thing and medicine is an industry now. We only have to look at the birthing industry. Always second opinions on something so serious. And it goes without saying that there are good medical people out there.
    I’m so very glad your shoulder got better.

  12. nick says:

    A good job you got the second opinion about surgery on your shoulder. I think the category of people most likely to lead you down the garden path are tradesmen. We had a roof leak some years ago and one builder made several attempts at fixing the roof to stop the leak. Each time the leak came back again. Clearly he didn’t know what he was doing and eventually we cured the leak by having the chimney removed.

  13. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Rummy,

    Meaning #1: Deceive
    I don’t remember having led anyone up the garden path, at least not wittingly, but I can say that I have been taken down the garden path a couple of times (it’s part of life and I’m glad it happened, in hindsight, for I learned a lot from it).

    Meaning #2: Seduce
    I have led someone up the garden path and someone has taken me down the garden path, I confess lol. And I’m glad it happened, as I learned quite a lot too 🙂

    As for your shoulder: always good to seek a second opinion.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Saudi Arabia’s CT Image Problem Part 1: Yemen

  14. Leading someone ‘down the garden path’ I think means the intention to deceive. I think we have all been deceived at one time or another, but I hope that none of US, being really good people would do that! Salespeople, especially those who specialize in selling financial products are prone, in my estimation to deceive—or is that stereotyping? On another topic, Ramana, I’m so glad you waited it out, and gave your shoulder time to heal. Surgery should be an absolutely last resort!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Happenings in Paradise

    • I like the “I hope that none of US, being really good people would do that!” I hope so too! And, thank you for the encouragement on the surgery decision.

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