Golden Jubilee Reunion.

It was in 1967 that 76 of us graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, popularly known as the WIMWI. That is, it has been fifty years since that momentous year for us.

To celebrate the occasion, 33 alumni and some enthusiastic faculty who had taught us then, met up at Ahmedabad last month for the Golden Jubilee Reunion. During that occasion, polo shirts were distributed to all participants, and this photograph shows that class posing on the steps of the famous Harvard Square.

Due to health issues, I could not attend the get together as much as I would have liked to. To somewhat assuage me and to share their experiences while at Ahmedabad, fellow alumni residing in Pune arranged for a get together at Pune on Tuesday. They brought one polo shirt for me too which I changed into at the venue.

The one gent not in the polo shirt is the only one still working and came to the lunch meeting directly from work and could not wear the polo shirt!

76 students graduated in 1967 and 17 of them have passed on. To commemorate the occasion, alumni currently resident in Ahmedabad had not only arranged for the polo shirts, but also coffee mugs with all our photographs printed on them.

Mugs for mugs with mugs on them!

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  1. Govind Baldva says:

    Momentous occasion fully explained and illustrated.

  2. Wisewebwoman says:

    Curious. Were there any women in your class?


    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Tadpole

    • There were three. Two of them are in the front row of the top photograph. Front row first and fourth from the left. Sadly the third one is among the 17 who are no more amongst us.

  3. shackman says:

    Congtulations to you all.
    shackman recently posted..Impatience LBC Post 2/10/2017

  4. How cool that you still have reunions with your classmates.
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..Southern winters.

  5. tammy j says:

    i’m impressed rummy.
    especially that you’ve kept in touch enough to enjoy these types of reunions.
    and… is it the cane or the beard? you always seem to look like the most distinguished one in the group. or… could it be that i’m just partial?
    nope. you’re just distinguished! 😀
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean


    The IIM A Golden Jubilee Reunion at Ahmedabad was one of the most memorable events of my life. Exchanging experiences with classmates , some of whom I had not seen or met for 50 years, was unforgettable. We were reminded of times we had completely forgotten, The tensions, the mishaps, the festival celebrations & entertainment on Zero Budgets at Vastrapur . In todays times the Grads. would not believe we were happy then without cell phones, internet, videos, laptops & our own vehicles and depending on public transport once in an hour out of the jungle. In place of TV shows we had our own group singing ( out of tune) to spend our late Saturday nights under some tree. Maybe some of us could now be helpful to each other, some could think of new opportunities and some could find guys to chat with in the last 10 or 20 years of our life. Who knows. Que sera sera?

  7. How sweet of them to bring you a shirt too. I love the color — it’s rich and distinguished.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..What a Mess!

    • It was an amazing experience for me too to receive the shirt CM. Very pleasant to be told by one of the attendees that he had brought one and that I should come prepared to change in the venue’s dressing rooms! The mugs were bonuses too.

  8. Excellent and congratulations to getting to some of the reunion and catching up friends…keeping in touch as well

  9. Hywel Nicholas says:

    Greetings Ramana. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read your blog …. life has it’s ups and downs for most of us. This blog was particularly touching. Long may you continue to write in such an eloquent manner. I must make an effort to catch up with the dearth of material you have no doubt written since my last visit.. regards, Hywel – Wales, UK

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