Goodbye To 2012.


2012 started off for me with the hopes that some lady would find me eligible and propose to me. That has not happened yet.

I was however presented with an alternative – a very charming young lady asked me out on a date and took me to a movie.

I could not wait to see the leap day. And on the 28th of February I thought that all my troubles were over, and I could find true love the next day.

I survived the disappointment of not finding the true love with the consolation in April that I could discard my elbow crutches which I was using post surgery and instead go back to my single walking stick. Phew, what a relief that was! On the other hand, April started my troubles with my late father’s health taking a sudden turn for the worse with his kidney beginning to dysfunction.

Between April and till he died on September 6th, I went through the most harrowing time that I had ever experienced in my life. It also taught me a lot of lessons and some of my blogger friends beside my family and other friends, were ever ready to cheer me up when I hit bottom.

After that experience the relief that I felt is beyond my ability to express. Suffice it to say that I started doing many things that I was not able to do since the middle of 2011. Some of the events have been blogged about by me and I shall just briefly summarise by saying that I traveled a lot and caught up with family and friends and got involved in a number of things in Pune itself. As I look back, the last quarter of 2012 has been very busy and eventful and I am grateful for being where I am today.

And before I forget, the young lady who took me out on a date Clio left for her home Greece last night. But before she did she fulfilled a promise and gave me a solo performance on her harp. She is a professional harpist and I was privileged to hear some amazing music and I am grateful to her for that great performance.
Clio on harp

Now I bid goodbye to a very eventful 2012 and wish all my readers a very happy 2013.

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27 Responses to Goodbye To 2012.

  1. Grannymar says:

    May 2013 be a year filled with adventure and the good health to enjoy it.
    Grannymar recently posted..For all my Friends

  2. tammy says:

    a beautiful post to end the year rummy.
    a celebration of a totally new beginning for you!
    i salute you! look what you have endured. and you came out on top.
    happy new year. auld lang syne indeed. it always makes me cry.
    it’s so beautiful.
    tammy j

  3. wisewebwoman says:

    And a wonderful fresh new promising year 2013, Ramana. I always look forward to the New Year!

    wisewebwoman recently posted..New World English

  4. Maria says:

    Clio – is she your muse? That’s a muse name, you know. The harp is Ireland’s national musical instrument BTW.
    Maria recently posted..Touched and Travelling Alone – LBC Post

  5. Delirious says:

    Wow, you sure had a beautiful date! I’ll be interested to see the next one that comes along. 🙂
    Delirious recently posted..Thought for the Day

  6. It sound as if you’re “over the hill and ready to roll!” I won’t say, Enjoy!” because I know you will.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Kindred Spirit

  7. Nandu Pillai says:

    All good wishes for the year just begun ! Looking forward to meeting you in February !

  8. Anita says:

    Another post I’ve loved…much to share when we meet – hopefully, this year

  9. Emma says:

    A new year,the new beginning,the new harvest!
    Emma recently posted..10 Effective Stretching Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

  10. And, “Hello, New Year”. Hoping that it is wonderful for you.
    Talk to Me…I’m Your Mother recently posted..Wishes for the New Year

  11. Cathy in NZ says:

    And welcome to the New Year from me.

    In New Zealand we have a number of public holidays over the 2 special periods and if the 25/26 or the 1/2 fall on a weekend there are additional days “off” but seeing that it was weekdays we have only had 2 full public holidays off. Many companies do not work at all over the 24th to the first Monday after the 2 periods…a traditional time for factories and so on to be closed.

    I’m not exactly employed rather voluntary & art studies. I can have time off from all if I wish…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Recap of my 2012

    • Rummuser says:

      Like you, every day is a holiday for me. Whatever I do or not is strictly for pleasure!

      • Cathy in NZ says:

        Well it’s not true exactly on “holiday any time” as I am required to spend at least a minimum of 15 hours a week on my current study, otherwise I will not get my certification at the end…but 15 hours is not really a huge commitment and it can be allocated time, anywhere in a 24 hour period. I usually snatch a few hours here and there…unless I’m designing and creating a major art-mark!
        Cathy in NZ recently posted..Recap of my 2012

  12. Edongzki says:

    I survived 2012. Please be good to me 2013 🙂
    [email protected] MSDN recently posted..Welcome edongzki!

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