The Grounded Guru.

I took an online quiz and the result was this. Please click on the image for a larger resolution if needed.

On reading this, my dear daughter in love promptly said that it is indeed very true as, she has grounded me so that I don’t get into mischief!

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  1. Ursula says:

    Indeed, Ramana, that’s you, with slight modifications – no one is perfect.

    I did the test despite myself. Anyway, it’s Sunday afternoon when a bit of self indulgence is in order. It’s rather interesting as some of the questions – if you want to answer them properly – do assume some in-depth knowledge (of, say, Greek gods).

    How shall I put it, Ramana, with my head in my hands? “Wild Karma”! I did the test three times, just to be sure, as two or three questions left me with difficult choices; so I played the variants against the definite ones. Every single time my Karma, hope against hope, is still wild. Am now convinced that the test result largely depends on which Greek god and which Seuss character you most identify with is what will nail your Karma – retake the test as many times as you like. Doesn’t matter if you choose Blues, Classic Music or Hard Rock to tell your life’s story; if you stick with your god and your Seuss throughout, you are branded for life. I wish whoever inherits my Karma good luck.

    So, my dear Ramana, my burning question which Greek god do you (and any of your readers) most identify with?

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  2. I’m a guru karma too, but I’m skeptical. The quiz doesn’t have anything about having a sense of humor and not taking ourselves seriously.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Spending vs Saving

  3. I haven’t taken the test – I’m having a “pathway” of my own right now that needs a lot of attention, weeds are moving in and disturbing my green and pleasant pasture – so it’s time to consider an individual retreat away at the beach, a few hours drive by bus…

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