Habit / Routine.

This is a beautiful Marathi short film depicting the life of an ordinary couple of Mumbai. While the language is Marathi, subtitles in English are provided to follow the storyline.

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6 Responses to Habit / Routine.

  1. Diane Dahli says:

    Quite a story! But I couldn’t get past how unfair he was to his wife, who made his breakfast, made his lunch, tried to stop him once she remembered he was retired. No doubt he will blame her for not remembering in time! Well, it takes all types…
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    • I can see your point but, I think that the point of the film is about his following a routine that he has followed even when he does not have to. Sheer force of habit and mindlessness.

  2. That does not seem like a happy guy. I felt badly for the wife, who seemed not to be appreciated at all. I don’t think I could live with someone who spoke to me that way.

  3. a vastly different culture, but one where it could easily flow over to another land….I know of stories where guys have “retired” or maybe more out of a job and not want family to know…so they get up each morning and go through the rituals of “going to work…” instead all day in park, a mall, cinema until it is time to return home. I guess at some point the game is up…especially when the salary isn’t arriving…

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