Haldi Doodh.

Haldi doodh simply means Turmeric Milk. It is one of India’s oldest home cures and there will not be a kitchen in India which has not made this at some time or the other.

After reading my blog post Checked Out Characters, a dear friend from Bengaluru has sent this plaintive message to me.

“Now a days Drinking Turmeric Latte is becoming a fashion in America and other Western countries.
Do you know what Turmeric Latte is???
Haldi Doodh😊
It costs nearly
3 pounds (Rs300 approx) per cup .
There are more than 20 shops serving Turmeric Latte alone in London city.

Amazing… Isn’t it??

Very soon we will also have these type of shops in India…
We will enjoy drinking Turmeric Latte too…
Haldi dhoodh has now got the Western stamp……

But one question Arises…

Why don’t we feel proud of our haldi dhoodh ..??
Why don’t we respect our culture..our wisdom??

Why do we feel that if a product has the Western stamp or logo ,it’s always better than our Indian products…

We must think about it for a while…..”

I had no answer to give him other than the usual banalities about our checked out characters.  Sad.

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  1. shackman says:

    tumeric is all the rage for so-called homeopathic remedies – now I do not drink Lattes his question is indeed valid. I think it is time for me to start drinking tumeric milk

  2. “While haldi doodh is seen as the kind of old-school, antiquated drink a well-meaning relative would foist upon you, the turmeric latte is a world apart.”

    I love it! 😀 I don’t think my store sells turmeric root, so I would have to settle with powered turmeric, I’m afraid. (I will check my assumption at the store tonight.) I’m not about to spend that much for a latte — in fact, I’ve never bought a latte. I gave up coffee years ago.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..The Princess

    • A dear friend is very much in the Turmeric world here in India and he says that the turmeric fad is sweeping the world at an unprecedented rate. I hope that it does not die out like many fads do. If by chance you cut a finger or something like that and you want to stench the bleeding, nothing works better than some turmeric powder on the cut. It not only stops the bleeding it also acts as an antiseptic. I can vouch from personal experience from my cooking days.

  3. i was introduced to turmeric powder by an older Indian woman (wife of previous landlord) that could help with problems I was having (can’t remember what). I took it daily as she suggested: small smidgens until I acquired taste mixed with water…I don’t know why I stopped it.

    More recently I have been using it to dye paper 🙂

  4. Oh, good old Haldi Doodh. Yum! These people will unknowingly gobble up turmeric latte for their own benefit.

    Oh, I have a question for you, Ramu Bhaiya.

    What did the cow say to the milk?

    Answer: Hey Doodh!
    Rasheed Hooda recently posted..64 Marathons in 64 Days When I am 64

  5. I’m happy that turmeric is being discovered by the Western world (at last!). It is an effective anti-inflammatory, and is safe to use. I don’t really like its taste, but can tolerate it in a bit of water, and always with a pinch of black pepper. There are many things we can learn from India’s use of herbs and spices!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Can Fashion Make Up for the Loss of Youthful Appearance?

  6. tammy j says:

    i’m glad i’m late to the party in this case.
    i have enjoyed the post and found great value in all the comments and replies!
    i had only just started taking turmeric as a supplement. the marine has been using it for some time now. a hiking friend of his recommended it! 🙂
    tammy j recently posted..baby butts and coconut

  7. Big John says:

    You would be surprised if you walked around my local supermarket here in the UK, Ramana. Dozens of ‘ready meals’ etc. now contain turmeric. Why ? … Gawd knows ! … 🙂
    Big John recently posted..Here we go again – Part Sixteen.

  8. Max Coutinho says:


    It’s the same everywhere. Portugal only loves certain Portuguese things, or singers, when foreigners love them first. It’s sad, but true.

    Never tried Haldi Doodh. Can we do it with goat milk? I can’t drink cow milk.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Tensions Between Greece and Turkey: The Underreported Story

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