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27 Responses to Happiness,

  1. shackman says:

    Words to live by – good advice.

    • I am sure that you must have had a few Wallys in your working life. I not only had them but, I learnt from them some good lessons and this is one of them. I think that I am a Wally now.

  2. I’m pro happiness.
    Coffee is on

  3. Joared says:

    We all find happiness in different ways.

  4. Ursula says:

    I agree with “risky” to agree with “idiots” for the benefit of peace and quiet. I wouldn’t compromise my convictions, morals, ethics to keep “idiots” out of my hair. Though maybe I should if they really are idiots. Unfortunately mostly they aren’t.

    A bit of disquiet every so often, calling a spade a spade and not a spoon, doesn’t do any harm. The aimless quest for “happiness” is a fool’s errant. I am content when I am content, even happy that I am content – but to deny that conflict exists to be resolved is to miss out on one of life’s satisfactions: Namely to resolve conflict, finding solutions.

    Diplomat’s greetings,

    • The trick is to avoid unpleasantness. By walking away rather than get into debates, one does not lose anything except perhaps a sense of having lost an opportunity to score brownie points but, that is a better deal than getting into a verbal duel.

  5. Looney says:

    Happiness is a high stress, high adrenaline extreme argument. Nothing could be more exhilarating. But sadly the two grand-toddlers are flying home shortly and I will not be able to continue disputing with them over the wisdom of putting little fingers into a fan.

    • Ursula says:

      Scant comfort for your two grand-toddlers’ funny Opa: At least they didn’t put their fingers into an electric socket or tried to dissect the cat.

      Give it a few years and you’ll discuss with them God et al (possibly under the tutelage of Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson). THEN you’ll wish you only had to protect their fingers from the “fan”. It’ll be great. Trust me.


    • I will exchange my present state of placid happiness to your kind any day.

  6. was I happy yesterday – a proportion of it “no” especially when I couldn’t find a certain tool – not a hammer or a paintbrush – but something else that I needed to assist me in my art endeavours…

    however, in the process got to bin a number of things that were past their use by date, not enough to qualify as a minimalist just yet but some gaps appeared…

    but I was very happy when I managed to unscrew a tool that I use in my textile work, which had become stuck on the end of my ironing board for about a year. I had tried the wrench to the plastic knob but obviously not quite with the right wrench. I finally got the tool off the board…

    now the trick is find a new home for the winder so that I don’t spend a proportion of the day looking for it…(although I do have 2)

  7. So funny! If agreeing with everyone, just to avoid acrimony is the way to be happier, maybe I should give it a try! I tend to be too analytical, which ends up looking argumentative! That’s quite close to the opposite of agreeable, I think!

  8. I don’t like fighting/arguing with people, so I don’t. I won’t say I agree with them if I don’t, but I move on.

    • Ursula says:

      I am not going to argue with you, Jean, 🙂 – but if you never argue with anyone you won’t know how to do it properly. By which I mean resolving conflict, listen to viewpoints and opinions different to yours, put your case (yes, raise voice on occasion too) and THEN move on in a friendly fashion.

      Let me ask you a question, and please do answer it hand on heart: Have you never had an “argument” with either Andy or Kaitlin? If you say “no” I am a) tempted to not believe you; b) tell you you don’t know what you have been missing; c) you would be singularly unsuited to work as a lawyer .

      Of course, as one does have to qualify anything when blogging, depends what one means by “arguing”. Whole swathes of philosophy wouldn’t exist if everyone just “moved on” as you say rather than trashing it out with each other. Oh, Jean, you don’t know the joys and satisfaction of a good argument. And, since you tend to emphasize how much you enjoy learning, by not arguing (in the sense of the word) you miss out on a lot of “learning”.


      • maybe the word/s should be “discuss or debate” for CM of course the blog-essence here was more about “argument’ maybe from the point of view “I’m in the right…not you” kind of word.

        I’m pretty sure we have all been on both sides of said fence….

      • How silly, U, to assume I don’t like food for thought and a good discussion.

  9. nick says:

    Words of wisdom. I agree with them 100 per cent.

  10. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Rummy,

    I wish I could do that: pretend I agree with idiots. But I can’t. However, because now I am wiser with experience I listen to idiots and I completely ignore them unless they specifically ask me a question (to which I have to bluntly answer). If they don’t ask, I don’t comment. That way, I avoid having white hair sooner than it’s programmed. 😉


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