Have A Bit Of Fun.

Try this for fun.
Every answer must start with the first letter of your first name:
First name: Ramana
An animal: Racoon
A girl’s name: Ranjani
A boys name: Ranjan
A colour: Royal Blue
A place: Rajnandgaon
A book: Rapunzel
A movie: Run Lola Run
A drink: Rum
A precious stone: Ruby
A type of food: Rasam
An occupation: Roustabout
An illness: Rheumatism
An emotion: Rage
Something you wear: Roundneck T-shirt
A piece of furniture: Recliner chair
Something in the bathroom: Rubber mat
A reason to be late: Rain
Something you shout out: Rascal

Thank you Anita.

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23 Responses to Have A Bit Of Fun.

  1. Ursula says:

    Fun indeed, Ramana. And thanks for many a smile whilst grappling with my predicament, only comforted by the thought that I am no Xavier, Yvette or Zappedeus – where the likes of Looney (Lama) barnacle by another name, Jean (Jaguar) always on the fast lane, and Chuck aka Shackman being spoilt for choice (Crocodile/Chamelon) as is Grannyar: Mouse, Mosquito, Moth, Moose, Mole? See no shortage there.

    Despite appearances to the opposite I do not like to shine lime light on me. Still, considering my, if enjoyable, slog I will now clog up your comment box with the letter U. I trust that, if it’s too much information, you know where to find the Undo button (delete by another name).

    First name: Ursula
    An animal: Unicorn
    A girl’s name: Urmeela
    A boys name: Usama
    A colour: Umber
    A place: Uppsala
    A book: Ulysses
    A movie: Unforgiven
    A drink: Uh Lalala
    A precious stone: Unakite
    A type of food: Ugli Fruit
    An occupation: Underwriter
    An illness: Ulcer
    An emotion: Upbeat
    Something you wear: Union Suit
    A piece of furniture: Ulmer Hocker
    Something in the bathroom: Umbrella (don’t ask)
    A reason to be late: Unavoidably detained
    Something you shout out: (e)Ureka

    Uppermost yours, Ramana,
    Ursula recently posted..I haven’t found it yet

  2. Grannymar says:

    Ha Ha! Rain is no excuse or reason to be late in my part of the world!
    Grannymar recently posted..I am so fortunate

  3. How coincidental that I came up with the same answers, Ramu Bhaiya. {:-)

    Rasheed Hooda recently posted..Good Morning

  4. shackman says:

    Try this for fun.
    Every answer must start with the first letter of your first name:
    First name: Chuck
    An animal: Crocodile
    A girl’s name: Carly
    A boys name: Christopher
    A colour: Cardinal
    A place: Connecticut
    A book: Canterbury Tales
    A movie: Run Lola Run
    A drink: Rum
    A precious stone: chrysoberyl
    A type of food: Cabbage
    An occupation: Roustabout
    An illness: Cancer
    An emotion: Cocky
    Something you wear: Cap
    A piece of furniture: Chair
    Something in the bathroom: Cleaners
    A reason to be late: Crash
    Something you shout out: Crap!
    shackman recently posted..Internationally Famous Landmarks In My Hometown.

  5. tammy j says:

    First name: tammy
    An animal: tiger
    A girl’s name: tina
    A boys name: tom
    A colour: teal blue
    A place: tacoma washington
    A book: the grapes of wrath
    A movie: to have and have not
    A drink: tonic and gin LOL.
    A precious stone: tourmaline
    A type of food: tangerine
    An occupation: typist . . . well in the dark ages maybe.
    An illness: tendonitis
    An emotion: tenderness
    Something you wear: top hat
    A piece of furniture: table
    Something in the bathroom: toilet paper … how convenient!
    A reason to be late: terrible news
    Something you shout out: take me with you!
    yes. it WAS fun.
    tammy j recently posted..a birthday bash and a holiday

  6. Holly J says:

    First name: Holly
    An animal: Hyena
    A girl’s name: Hermione
    A boys name: Herman
    A colour: Heliotrope
    A place: Hell
    A book: Harry Potter
    A movie: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    A drink: Hot Toddy
    A precious stone: Hackmanite
    A type of food: Hazelnuts
    An occupation: Historian
    An illness: Hives
    An emotion: Horror
    Something you wear: Handkerchief
    A piece of furniture: Highboy
    Something in the bathroom: Hand towel
    A reason to be late: Heavy flooding
    Something you shout out: Hooray!
    Holly J recently posted..How Did You Do It?

  7. I had to look up diseases that started with a j. Never heard of them!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Motivation

  8. Dun-Na-Sead says:

    First Name: Lin
    Animal: Labradoodle (I love that word)
    Girl’s Name: Lysandra
    Boy’s Name: Lucius
    Color: ‘lectric blue
    Place: London
    Book: Lantern in her hand
    Movie: S Leuth
    Drink: Lemon water
    Stone: ‘lectric blue saphire
    Food: Lettuce, Lasagne, and fresh Lemon pie
    Occupation: Librarian
    Illness: Lung disease
    Emotion: Love
    Something you wear: lingerie
    Piece of furniture: love seat
    Something in the bathroom: liquid cleaners
    Reason to be late: some idiot Let the air out of my tires
    Something you shout out: Look out

  9. Alan G says:

    I agree… don’t usually do these type things but this one does look like fun! 🙂

    First name: Alan
    An animal: Antelope
    A girl’s name: Annie
    A boys name: Arthur
    A colour: Aqua
    A place: Amarillo
    A book: Abraham Lincoln
    A movie: Alice In Wonderland
    A drink: Amaretto Tea
    A precious stone: Amethyst
    A type of food: Applesauce
    An occupation: Architect
    An illness: Alzheimer’s
    An emotion: Aggravation
    Something you wear: Apron
    A piece of furniture: Armoire
    Something in the bathroom: Asprin
    A reason to be late: Accident
    Something you shout out: Asshole
    Alan G recently posted..A perspective on war and on death….

  10. Dun-Na-Sead says:

    The Rosy dawn had barely aRRived , when Ramana called his faithful Racoon Ranjan from his lair under the Red maple tree.
    Come Ranjan, we must be off.
    Ranjan affectionately cuffed his wife Ramani, called Muffin, goodbye, and waddled out of his den.
    They were off on another adventure.
    Watching them, Ramana smiled.
    And attaching Ranjan’s Royal blue lead, Ramana starting packing his Rucksack:
    Some Rum, some cold biRyani, and a package of top raman noodles, (they would save the Rasam for their supper)
    With foresight, he added a copy of Rapunzel, Ranjan’s favorite, and of Run Lola Run, in case someone had a DVD player when they arrived.
    And of course a round-necked T-shirt, in case of the cold.
    And set out for the home of their friend, a roust-about in the circus in Rajnandgaon.
    Then he added Ranjan’s Rubber mat from the bathroom, closed his rucksack, tied Ranjan’s lead to it, and sat Ranjan on the top, ready for departure.
    Oh, the many adventuRes they would have along the way:
    the wild Road hogs of Rajnapur,
    the Raging falls of eRR, that carried the unwaRy to their deaths.
    But that is another stoRy.
    In the end, Ranjan could think only of his wife,
    And Ramana’s Rheumatism started acting up,
    And he could only think of the joy of his Recliner chair.
    And when the Rain started,
    And Ranjan climbed on Ramana’s head, and refused to come down, Ramana thought: “this is surely a most learned and wise Racoon, who is most Rightly showing me the coRRect course of action.”
    And affectionately shouting “You Rascal”, he coaxed Ranjan into his seat on the top of the Rucksack,
    for their Return
    to the comfoRtable abode in Pune.

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