How Old Is Old? II And Let’s Twist Again II.

Cathy from New Zealand is normally a sedate commentator but suddenly can come up with a googly or for my American readers, a curve ball.

She has given a link to a blog post that is simply amazing.  Suddenly, New Zealand is beginning to look very interesting.  They reached the finals of the ICC World Cup Cricket tournament last week after a remarkable pre finals matches.  In fact, my bet was on New Zealand winning the cup but Australia was simply too good.

I tried to buy the film on DVD from Amazon India without success but shall try and get it one way or the other.  Maybe by even getting my niece from NZ to buy it locally and to courier it to me.

Thank you Cathy.  You are incredible!

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  1. I haven’t read the post yet, but I agree Cathy is incredible!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Tired but Happy

  2. Cathy in NZ says:

    I just couldn’t let you oldies around the world think you couldn’t do something along the lines of the modern twist.

    This group is from a suburb in my region – the island of Waiheke Island is around 30mins from central Auckland. It used to be a sleepy kind of alternative place but now it’s not – many people commute to work daily from the island…and there is a better ferry service, 2 companies now so much competition…

  3. tammy j says:

    OH!!! i LOVED this!
    thank you cathy! it has YOUR spirit all the way through.
    are you sure you weren’t up on that stage??? 😀
    tammy j recently posted..little sister is watching you

  4. Hi – I set up the group of hip hoppers and manage them. They’re an amazing bunch of people aged 68 to 96 years old. They’re still going strong since performing at the World Hip Hop Championships. Here’s a link to their latest music video:

  5. Grannymar says:

    that reminds me of my post-op exercises!
    Grannymar recently posted..Art with my Needle ~ A change of purpose

  6. I shall try to get this for my mother, if only to hear her outraged comments over the ‘phone on the lines of ‘if I think she is taking up hip hop at her age…’ She had a hip replacement at 95, a knee replacement at 96 and her doctor reckons she is good for another ten years! Another benefit of the British NHS,

    I’ve been glued to the cricket and was astounded by not only the skill of the NZ team, but the way in which they played the game…as a game. They wanted to win, of course and played their hearts out, but they were always sporting.
    Helen Devries recently posted..One Man And His Doghouse

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