I Am A Page Three Celebrity Now!

I had reservations about my photograph and interview appearing in today’s newspaper. That is why, yesterday, I had said that if the interview appears in the paper, I shall publish it here.

It did and here is the photogrph of the item. Unfortunately, the page is not available on the web for me to give a link to and so the photograph. Please click on the image if necessary, to get a larger resolution and to read my comments,

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17 Responses to I Am A Page Three Celebrity Now!

  1. tammy j says:

    I went to Tulsa yesterday with the marine and you’d think I had jet lag when I returned. just now feeling rested. 🙂
    I loved yesterday’s post. and proud that you voted. but even more… struck by how handsome and well you look in the picture!
    India is becoming so modern and important now on the world stage that I think the world is watching this outcome!

    • Why, thank you for your very flattering words Tammy. Yes, a lot is riding on this election for India and the outcome is keenly being watched all over the world.

  2. Mike says:

    Very cool!

    Our next elections are a year and a half away yet the opposition presidential candidates are already off and running — all 20 (so far) of them!! &#128530

    • Thank you. Your current and future situation is of interest to the whole world and we in India are closely following the pre election drama unfolding there. It would be interesting if someone from the GOP decided to take on Trump for nomination. Do you think that it is a possibility?

      • Mike says:

        Almost certainly no viable candidate will take on an incumbent president in our unique political system. Beating an incumbent in state by state primaries would be an insurmountable task, I believe.

  3. Diane Dahli says:

    Congratulations, Ramana! You look great, BTW.

  4. Just hope our election here brings some better changes.
    Coffee is on

  5. Catherine de Seton says:

    well there you go…young lady reporter…along with the editor “let you be a celebrity” including the first photo off the block…congrats

  6. What’s the old saying?
    “Vote early, vote often!”
    Perhaps that’s why we have eight fingers and two thumbs.
    blackwatertown recently posted..We’d Like A Word…

  7. nick says:

    Fame at last! It’ll be interesting to see the election result. Elections are getting very unpredictable nowadays with the oddest candidates piling up the votes. Like the Ukrainian comedian who’s just become president.

    • Yes, I am yet to recover from it all! A lot is riding on this particular election for both the outgoing parliamentarians and the hopefuls as a great deal depends on who forms the next government. I for one am hoping that the present dispensation returns to rule for another five years.

  8. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Rummy,

    I wish more people would vote for National Security. But most do not.
    Why, Rummy, my friend, you are quite photogenic. And you look great on Page Three :D. Are the results out already?

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Security & Moral Predicament: The ISIS Women and Cubs

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