Jewel Beetle And Beer Bottles.


“The Australian jewel beetle is dimpled, glossy and brown. The female is flightless. The male flies, looking, of course, for a hot female. When he finds one, he alights and mates. There’s another species in the outback, Homo sapiens. The male of this species has a massive brain that he uses to hunt for cold beer.  And when he finds one, he drains it, and sometimes throws the bottle into the outback. Now, as it happens, these bottles are dimpled, glossy, and just the right shade of brown to tickle the fancy of these beetles. The males swarm all over the bottles trying to mate. They lose all interest in the real females. Classic case of the male leaving the female for the bottle. The species almost went extinct. Australia had to change its bottles to save its beetles.  Now, the males had successfully found females for thousands, perhaps millions of years. It looked like they saw reality as it is, but apparently not. Evolution had given them a hack. A female is anything dimpled, glossy and brown,the bigger the better.  Even when crawling all over the bottle, the male couldn’t discover his mistake.”

Transcript of a part of TED Talk by Donald Hoffman.

Thank you Kaush for bringing this to my attention.

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15 Responses to Jewel Beetle And Beer Bottles.

  1. tammy j says:

    not sure whether to laugh or cry.
    or laugh til i cry.
    he certainly nailed the male species! LOLOL. yup. turns out i laughed.
    tammy j recently posted..ever after

  2. Wonderful talk on TED talk.
    Rasheed Hooda recently posted..Good Morning

  3. I love it! If only they could find something similar for mosquitoes.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Learning from History

  4. Excellent post my friend, I did not know this!
    Regards, Keith.
    Keith H. Burgess recently posted..Using The Axe By Keith H Burgess

  5. Jim Belshaw says:

    Roared with laughter. Loved it.
    Jim Belshaw recently posted..Has the Abbott Government simply become incompetent?

  6. Men!
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..Dogwisteria

  7. Holly J says:

    ROFL!!! I started to write a comment and there’s just nothing that seems appropriate given I have men in my life whom I like, respect, and love. But this is hilarious and a little sad.
    Holly J recently posted..Rules for Blogging? NEXT TOPIC!

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