Monsoon Shootout.

A very unusual movie which is interesting nevertheless. The entire hour and a half of screening time revolves around one police man’s split second different decision making processes which results in three different outcomes.

I went to see because I was intrigued with the reviews that I read about it. One of them is this one. Naturally, another magnet was Nawazuddin Siddiqui. And he did not disappoint.

I must however confess that I was very impressed with Vijay Verma who I had seen earlier in Pink.

Another instance of Indian movie producers willing to experiment with unusual and daring themes. Worth seeing for its sheer novelty.

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4 Responses to Monsoon Shootout.

  1. from the reviews – it sounds pretty darn good…with much to keep you watching.

  2. Good for them to be willing to experiment. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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