NebraskaFinally got to see Nebraska.

A beautiful story and made with exquisite attention to human emotions.  Portrayal of the father – son equation is simply outstanding.

The music in the background apt and somehow so involving.

And the bonus is that the picture is totally in black and white.  I doubt very much that it could have been as effective had it been in colour.

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  1. shackman says:

    I doubt very much that it could have been as effective had it been in colour.
    It’s a pity the folks that colorize films do not realize that simple fact. Haven’t seen Nebraska yet but is in my On Demand – just watched Gravity yesterday and enjoyed it.

  2. tammyj says:

    i definitely want to see nebraska too.
    i watched the oscars last night. it was mentioned that judi dench is currently in india filming a sequel to marigold hotel! so happy about that! apparently it was such a hit they’re continuing the story.
    tammyj recently posted..clearness of knowing

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve seen Nebraska, too — but not the movie. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of the movie until your post. I watched a trailer for it just now and some of the scenery is similar to parts of Nebraska…., or Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, etc.

    (I lived in Nebraska until I was 15 and have been back several times over the years.)
    Mike recently posted..Eyes of the Great Depression 133.

    • Mike, the photography of the three states, Montana Wyoming and Nebraska in black and white is stark and effective and somehow enhances the impact of the landscape on the story about an old man.

  4. Anna says:

    I am going to see it tomorrow. Afrer reading your post I am looking forward to it even more.
    Somehow do not think Gravity is on my list but maybe I need to get more flexible.

  5. Delirious says:

    There are so many movies that I have not seen yet. I’m looking forward to getting back and catching up
    Delirious recently posted..A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But Unfortunately I Don’t Have a Picture

    • Delirious, my care-giving responsibilities kept me away from movies for many years and I am now catching up with the older movies as well the newer ones. With so many multiplexes near my home, it is quite a lot of fun to go to movies and with internet shopping quite convenient to get DVDs to view at home.

  6. Alan G says:

    Thanks for the review. I haven’t seen it yet but it has been on the top of my list for sometime now. It hasn’t fared too well during the ‘awards’ season but as we know, that’s of little consequence often. I am a big Bruce Dern fan and am quite happy he and his film have received so many nominations. Thanks again for your thoughts on the movie.
    Alan G recently posted..A Favorite Music Selection….

    • You will be pleased with Bruce Dern who is outstanding as the old man and Will Forte as his compassionate son enacts a very difficult role with aplomb. I would give five stars on your system.

  7. I agree with your review on this film. It was deceptively simple and exceedingly complex in relationships. I felt that it was a fairly unique plot with contemporary meaning. I especially like that the resolution included acceptance and dignity for all. (Wasn’t the casting great?)
    Talk to Me…I’m Your Mother recently posted..A Pathway to Joy

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