Out With The Old And In With The New.

This has been my favourite perch for the last thirty years.
2013-10-11 11.09.54Unfortunately, the time has come for me to part company with it as I am unable to sit on it with aging prostheses protesting and demonstrating their angst against the hammock style of resting.

The son and heir and his lovely bride decided to take matters into their own hand and gifted me with a replacement for Dussera.
2013-10-11 15.32.55This is an electrically operated gizmo which reclines and rises at the press of a couple of buttons. Height of comfort and I had a good nap in it yesterday afternoon. I also sat on it and read for three hours.

My good man Yakob was delighted to receive the old faithful as a gift from me and that gave me some satisfaction that it is going to someone who will appreciate it.

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15 Responses to Out With The Old And In With The New.

  1. tammyj says:

    a handsome addition indeed!
    and as to the post before this . . . i wish i had your courage rummy.
    i fear very little.
    but with my non existent sense of direction and just plain timidity of it . . . i always decide not to. and i do love to drive.
    i wish i could just take off on a long trip alone. but i won’t. maybe someday. i keep saying it! maybe someday. i’ll do it!
    tammyj recently posted..an empty room

  2. A great solution all around. When it’s time for me to move on it helps if I can give my treasures to someone else who might appreciate them.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Life Is Always Changing

  3. I’ve seen these but you’re the first person I know who’s had one. I’m glad it’s working out for you and hope it gives you 30 more years of peace and comfort.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Charles Gulotta & His Mostly Bright Ideas

  4. Nice! I like the clean lines of that chair.
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..Money well spent.

    • I am already in love with it and am loath to get out of it when on it. The only problem is when I have to answer the door bell as getting out involves retracting and that takes time.

  5. Delirious says:

    Now that is a great gift! I think you will love it!
    Delirious recently posted..Spirit School: Part 2

  6. n says:

    I can only say I’m surprised you found the old chair so comfortable. It looks more like a deckchair! And your new chair looks very smart, unlike the battered old relic Martin wouldn’t part with in Frasier.
    n recently posted..Head scratching

    • It was, but made to order for my size and fit. But the new one, though off the shelf is again a perfect fit for my size and I chose it from among three options. I am already well ensconced on it. The time I spend reading has gone up because of it.

  7. nick says:

    Oops, I haven’t become a mysteriously enigmatic N just yet….
    nick recently posted..Head scratching

  8. Cathy in NZ says:

    what a super present, enjoy…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..2014 Paper options

  9. Hammock says:

    Hmmm great your old chair looks as new as your new chair. Old one is belongs to your time and the new one belongs to this modern time. But anyhow both chairs are looking great and classic too. I really like your present .

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