Paddy Nursery.

In my earlier post Rice Seedling Transplantation, one can see cakes of seedlings in the transplanter machine. I have now received another photograph from Babu as to how those cakes are grown.

This is how paddy nursery is raised. Each cake fits in the transplanter. ย Farmers save in seeds and labour.

What a beautiful sight to see!

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15 Responses to Paddy Nursery.

  1. tammy j says:

    oh my! agreed! it is very beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜€
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. Anna says:

    Yes, it is beautiful. The freshness of the green is fantastic. Very clever idea and labour saving too.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    That is absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate you sharing so much on this wonderful topic.

    • My pleasure entirely Kaitlin. At heart I am a rural person forced by circumstances into being an urban one. The magnet that our rural India is keeps pulling me there and I often go out of Pune just to see greenery of farms besides the forests that we are blessed with.

  4. Living in New Mexico, we love to see green plants! Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jayashri Shetty says:

    Woww…that’s so well planned and systematically beautiful. Great job!

  6. agree a beautiful and bountiful sight…

  7. Big John says:

    Oh ! … Rice … I thought your post was going to be about Irish babies… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Rummy,

    Beautiful. It must be quite rewarding to see our food growing; and quite a satisfaction to actually eat what we grow. I hope to experience it one day.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Czech President’s UNGA Speech: Realism, Terrorism & Migration

    • My friend the farmer is a bit older than I am and finds it increasingly difficult to manage the physical strain that the occupation involves. He is however determined to continue for as long as he can.

  9. Laurel says:

    Hi Rummy, interesting I did not know rice was done like that.
    Laurel recently posted..OFX money transfer review

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