Go Metric!

This post derives its inspiration from Cheerful Monk’s post Fahrenheit.

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The English Language Continued.

My fellow Friday blogger Shackman has this to offer as comments on my earlier post The English Language.

“I have been told that English is one of the toughest languages to master because of all this insanity–LOL.”

I couldn’t agree more. Imagine how difficult it must be for foreigners shifting to the USA or the UK to come to grip with the language! Like this good man Ismo from Iceland.

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Sports In Our Lives.

After you read this post, you will come to the conclusion that I am a rare specimen.

Like all young children I too played a lot of sports during my school days but was not good enough in any to get selected for any school team. I was also reasonably good at field and track events but again not good enough to get into the school team.

After I grew up I played club cricket and also hard court tennis but other than occasional good performances was not good enough to get noticed. I also played golf with a reasonably good handicap till my hips gave way and since then have restricted my sports activities to be an occasional spectator. I am not very interested or passionate about any sport and so do not get worked up like many of friends do with cricket or football. It is enough that I read about great tournaments every morning in my newspapers.

I however have relatives and family who are passionate followers of games and they keep sending me WhatsApp messages on all kinds of information about sports to which I do not respond at all.

So, sports hardly plays any significant role in my life now. I can’t therefore understand how others can work their blood pressures up following cricket and football!

I have suggested this topic for this week’s 2 on 1 blog where Shackman and I write on the same topic. Please do go over to Shackman’s blog to see what he has to say on this topic.

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The English Language.

Padmum who holds a Master’s Degree in English and has taught English to college students has sent this absolutely stunning information.

The Rule of Ablaut Reduplication.

Why `tock-tick’ does not sound right to your ears.

Ever wondered why we say :

tick-tock, not tock-tick,
or ding-dong,
not dong ding;
King Kong,
not Kong King…?

Turns out it is one of the unwritten rules of English that native speakers know without knowing.

The rule, explains a BBC article, is:

“If there are three words then the order has to go…
I, A, O.

If there are two words then the first is I and the second is either A or O.”

hilly-shally ,
King Kong,

There’s another unwritten rule at work in the name Little Red Riding Hood, says the article.

“Adjectives in English absolutely have to be in this order:

Opinion – Size – Age -Shape – Colour -Origin – Material -Purpose – Noun.

So you can have a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife.

But if you mess with that word order in the slightest… you’ll sound like a maniac.“

That explains why we say “little green men“ not “green little men,“

But “Big Bad Wolf “ sounds like a gross violation of the “opinion (bad)-size (big) noun (wolf)“ order.

It won’t, though, if you recall the first rule about the I-A-O order…!!
Got it..?

That rule seems inviolable:

“All four of a horse’s feet make exactly the same sound.

But we always, always say clip-clop, never clop-clip!

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Saying Hello.

I dedicate this to our fellow blogger Catherine who, hopefully does not face these reactions when she greets strangers on the roads and buses.

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Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.  Thanks.

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The inability to do something that we so take for granted, smile, can cause untold problems. This was not something that I had given any thought to and I am willing to bet that none of my readers would have either.

My cousin Shankar knows exactly what would trigger something in me and sent me this story about the smile and how its absence can affect normal life. I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of someone who cannot smile. Would you?

And before I close with a nice musical touch that I am sure will be appreciated by Shackman, I remember the number of times that I have been told to “Wipe that smile off your face

Which of course leads me to this great all time favourite song the visuals for which are particularly endearing.

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What is/was your favourite weekend getaway spot?

This is a difficult question to come up with a single answer for me. You will see why as you proceed reading this post.

Pre Business School, way back in the early sixties, I was based in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, a state in the Southern parts of our nation. There was prohibition during those days and one had to buy bootleg booze at exorbitant prices or risk illness and death drinking illicit liquor distilled in stills by unscrupulous characters.

Just 170 Kms from Chennai was what then for me for Paradise. Puducherry, a small town did not suffer the bane of prohibition and had some very affordable hotels to stay in. It was my and a group of friends’ favourite weekend getaway spot during those days.

Subsequently, Business School, work pressures and the travelling nature of my job meant that my favourite weekend getaway spot was home wherever we happened to be living as during the week days, I hardly spent any time at home.

As I made progress and the five day week end was introduced, I was able to manage to get away from Mumbai to Hyderabad, my late wife’s home town for week ends. Since I had fond memories of Hydearbad too, I always looked forward to those get aways.

Since, by then my travelling had become national and international, being at home during week ends became even more the norm.

When we moved to Pune in 1990, I had to step up travelling again to get acquainted with my new career and so, home was the obvious choice for week end getaways. As the travelling reduced, visiting Mahabaleshwar became the week end getaways and I had written about it in my blog on our Monsoon.

After retirement, since every day became a week end for me, there were no favourite week end getaways. That state of affairs continues till today. I am also content with just spending each day at home and it takes a great deal of motivation to change my mind!

This post is my contribution the the weekly Friday 2 on 1 blog posts. The other blogger, who suggested this topic, Shackman’s take on the same topic can be read here.

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The Monsoon Sets In.

It is not raining. It is pouring.

You can get larger resolutions by clicking on the images.

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The balancing point between too little and too much is happiness.

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