From when I was about 12 years ago, I have had dogs as pets at home. Barring some very unsettled years, we have always had a dog at home. There was also a brief period when I took in a grown up cat whose humans went back to their home overseas.

The cat experience was vastly different to the experiences that I have had with dogs and since that one time, I have not had the pleasure of being the human for a pet cat. I can tolerate them as pets of others, but for me, no thank you.

I have had many varieties of dogs as pets in my life and the most endearing relationship that I ever had was with a rescued doberman pinscher who came to us as a one year old lasted for many years with my parents. I was not around when Kaiser, that was his name died, but he continues to be a legend in my family. The least troublesome have been either crossbreeds or native Indian breeds and my current companion Chutki is a native Indian who is very much part of our household.

Chutki 1

My son Ranjan and daughter in law Manjiree are both deeply involved in animal welfare activities in our town and Chutki came to us as a rescued pup with both her hind legs broken in a hit and run accident. Manjiree and Ranjan then nursed her back to health and since then she has been part of our family and how! I can simply not imagine our home without her.

Since two residents at home are so involved in animal welfare activities, it should not surprise you that our home often turns into a halfway home for rescued dogs and recently one cat as well. I don’t actively get involved in the caregiving activities, but I suppose that my benign presence helps.

A problem that usually arises when more than one person is involved in a house welcoming a pet is the  naming of the pet.  I have written about one such problem here and you may just find it hilarious enough to have a good laugh.

And that dear readers is my contribution to the weekly Friday LBC blog posts. I had suggested the topic for this week during a moment of particular weakness with two dogs at home and life being rather hectic. I hope that you will go over and read Lin and Shackman who are sure to write too.

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  1. tammy j says:

    oh my!
    first to see little chutki again… that intelligent darling face.
    and to think of how she came to you all… and the shape she was in.
    her courage and your love and ranjan’s and manjiree’s brought her through!
    they are remarkable creatures.
    the link truly was funny.
    poor don’t do! LOLOL
    actually they ALL probably are used to answering to that …
    they hear it enough throughout the day…
    “DON’T DO THAT!!!”

  2. arjun says:

    nice one …uncle

  3. Maxi says:

    Your post was very enjoyable, Rummy. Your Chutki is a handsome fella. It’s easy to tell he is happy. I was never a cat person until the day I rescued Gabby. Anyone who meets her likes Gabby. She is friendly and just so nice. Hope you are doing okay.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • Chutki is a beautiful gal! I would not mind keeping a cat again if that is what the children decide to do. It is just that I am more comfortable with dogs who are predictable.

  4. Dick Klade says:

    Yes, dogs become part of the family. When our Westy died, we grieved for a long time and didn’t have the heart to replace him in our lives. But now we have rescue doggie Pearl living down the street with our son and his fiancee. Seems the best of all worlds–we visit Pearl whenever we want, conduct her daily walks if we choose, and often enjoy her company as a guest. But we don’t have ownership responsibilities.

  5. Yes, dogs have developed an irresistible way of connecting with humans, and we all benefit. 🙂 I get my doggy fixes every day from blogs.

  6. Anna says:

    Chutki is very photogenic and love stories about her. I am missing a dog in my life but my yearly trips to Poland do not allow me to get a dog at the moment. I sometimes think that I should place an ad to do some dog walking or better still dog sitting.

    • That she is indeed. I wonder if she knows that she is! Both dog walking and dog sitting are good for the soul if you do not want the responsibility of full time parenting of a dog.

  7. I have people in my life who are “over the moon” about pets, especially dogs! And whereas I like dogs, I’m not about to own one, although I did, when my children were small. I always felt it was important to give your children the experience of owning animals, and I know that’s when their life long love affairs with pets began!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..A Senior Remembers: Secrets of the Root Cellar

  8. Kaitlin says:

    What a beautiful photo of the cute little Chutki. I smiled at your memories of your doberman. Torben remembers their collie in much the same way. Growing up I had gerbils. Very different than dogs or cats, although I loved them just the same.

  9. Grannymar says:

    I don’t have a dog or animal of any kind… unless you count the spiders. Buffy makes a great fuss of me when she comes to visit or I go down to stay with George & Elly. Unconditional love, unlike some humans who can be very fickle
    Grannymar recently posted..A bad mistake

  10. Mother says:

    I love having pets but as long as I am traveling I must not have any. I can’t expect my husband to care for them while I am gone. Sigh…
    Mother recently posted..Accepting My Role

  11. Hi Ramana: In reference to the “names” post and this one, Chutki in Hindi meant “snap” (of the fingers) I thought — must be a very active and smart dog I presume.

    • Chutki is not only the click/snap of the fingers but also colloquial for a small girl just as Chutku is for a small boy. Usually given as nickname to the youngest in the family.

  12. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Rummy,

    I love dogs and I have had a few of them who stayed with us until their demise. Right now, I can’t have one as I travel a lot; but once I settle for good, I intend to get another one.
    Your son and your daughter-in-law are good souls – G-d bless them even more.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Could ISIS be forming a New Cell in Central Africa?

  13. Linda P. says:

    We have had dogs and cats for many decades, but only one much-loved ten-year-old golden retriever resides with us now. Because I have become prone to falling over animals, we have decided that he will be our last. However, I keep finding myself on golden retriever rescue sites on the computer, scanning the “ready to be placed” pages. I’m not certain that I’ll be able to keep that resolution. We like cats, too, but our “friendly to all humans and dogs” golden retriever displays the same sort of intense interest in cats as he does in birds and rabbits, and I know what he does to the birds or rabbits he chases down on our acreage each springtime. For obvious reasons, we have elected not to have a cat, either, while he is around. He came to us as a three-year-old from a rescue group and was named “Nacho.” It was our intention to change his name, but we had brought our then eight-year-old grandson with us as a tester for whether the dog was comfortable with active, noisy young children. The first thing our grandson said upon spotting him was “Oh, I love his name,” so Nacho is was and still is.

  14. Cathy in NZ says:

    I have been around animals with a variety of names [not recently, and not any of mine]. In 2 different parts of my life, I have had certain cats come by – usually mid arvo to visit. They never seemed to need any food – they would stroll in the door and head for the couch…spend an hour or so with me/us and then amble off.

    One we never did find the owner of but the other one – day turned up with a collar on and a tag, saying call us. We did and we discovered that the cats’ name was fluffy and he lived a few blocks away…the reason for us to call was to say “don’t feed him”… I said “he never does get fed, as we don’t have any suitable food, he just seems to come for our company….”

    then he stopped coming, finally I got a call to say he had been run over, quite a few blocks in the other direction.

    • It is always very disturbing when an animal that you are familiar with meets with a sudden end like the cat in your life did. Some rescues go wrong for my daughter in law and she is usually very upset for some time after such events.

  15. Big John says:

    “Happiness is a warm puppy.”… Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts cartoonist)
    … except when it keeps barking and pooing all night !
    Big John recently posted..“Fingers Crossed !” …

    • Like young babies, pups too need to be potty trained and once they are, they stop all that as well as barking all night. But patience is a very necessary virtue in the beginning stages.

  16. I often had dogs growing up and also in grad school. But I’m not eager to get another anytime soon because it costs so much to have them boarded if you travel and we are gone so long each day. Right now, a cat suits us better.

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